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Photos of Raynham
Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
1/4                     General Provisions Governing all Departments

1/4.1           Committee Appointments

All officers, boards and committees shall notify the Town Clerk of their organization.
No board or committee of town officers having the power or authority to appoint any town officer or agent shall appoint any member of such board or committee to any salaried office or position; but this shall not prohibit any town officer from being chairman or clerk of the board or committee of which he may be a member.

1/4.2           Compensation

All boards or committees receiving salaries may provide for extra compensation for chairman or any other special duties providing same so divided does not exceed the total appropriation. The Town Accountant shall be notified promptly in writing of any such division.

1/4.3           Conflict of Interest

                      No officer or board of the town shall make any contract on behalf of the town in which such officer or any member of such board is directly or indirectly financially interested, except competitive contracts.

1/4.4           Contracts

                       No contract, involving an obligation of the town, exceeding the sum of one hundred dollars shall be binding upon the town unless it is in writing and is signed by at least a majority of the board or committee duly authorized or having control of the appropriation against which such obligation is incurred; and such board or committee shall make a record of every such contract in a book which shall be the property of the town.
                      No board or officer shall make any contract on behalf of the town, the execution of which shall necessarily extend beyond on year from the date thereof, unless specific authority so to do has been given by vote of the town, except the school committee.  

1/4.5                   Annual Report
                      Every officer in charge of a department shall annually, on or before the fifteenth day of January, transmit to the Selectmen, in writing a report containing a statement of the acts and doings of his department for the past financial year, to be printed in the annual report as the selectmen may deem expedient.

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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