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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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2/16                    Trailer By-Law

2/16.1                  Title.

This By-Law shall be known and may be cited as the Trailer By-Law.  

2/16.2                  Definitions.
In this By-Law the following terms, unless a contrary meaning is required by the context or is specifically prescribed, shall have the following meanings:

                      a. House Trailer. A structure primarily designed and built or altered to be hauled by a vehicle and to be used for living purposes, whether resting on wheels or on a temporary or permanent foundation; a mobile home.

b. Trailer Park. An area approved by the Board of Health under the provisions of this By-Law for the location of three or more house trailers.
                   May 21, 1984        No new trailer park licenses shall be available in the Town until the official census indicates that the population in the Town has reached 19,000 persons. When the population of the Town reaches 19,000 persons according to the official census, there shall be one new trailer park license available. Thereafter, there shall be one additional new trailer park license available for each increase of 10,000 persons in the Town population according to the most recent official census.

2/16.3                  Regulations

(1) Application of regulations. No house trailer shall be located in the Town of Raynham except as hereinafter provided. Any house trailer located in the Town of Raynham on or before October 15th, 1959, is exempt from the provisions of this By-Law unless or until it is moved from its location as of said date. Any house trailer located in the Town as of said date may be replaced in the same location by a new house trailer. The original house trailer will then be subject to the provisions of this By-Law.

(2) Trailer Park. A house trailer may be located in a trailer park approved by the Board of Health. The Board of Health, after holding a public hearing with due notice given, may grant such approval under the following conditions and requirements:

a. The Board shall have found the proposed trailer park will not be detrimental to the established and future character of the neighborhood.

b. Such a trailer park shall provide space and facilities for three or more house trailers.

c. The total area of the trailer park shall not be less than the area required for a dwelling lot.

d. The trailer park shall have frontage on an accepted Town street of not less than the frontage required for a dwelling lot.
e. The minimum hard dimensions for a dwelling lot shall apply when any trailer or accessory building is located adjacent to one of the trailer park boundaries.

f. The minimum space provided for each Mobile Home shall be fifty-five (55) feet by one hundred (100) feet.

g. Access drives to Mobile Homes shall be at ~ least forty (40) feet wide, and in accordance with the requirements of .the building of roads in Subdivisions. Each Mobile Home space shall have f frontage on an access drive and shall provide an of£ street parking space for two (2) automobiles, a minimum of twenty-two (22) feet by twenty (20) feet wide.

h. An adequate and convenient source of electricity and water shall be provided for each trailer.

i. Each trailer shall be connected directly to a sewage disposal system.
j. The minimum sewage disposal system to be provided shall conform to the By-law pertaining to and regulating the design and/or maintenance of sewage disposal system in the Town 0£ Raynham.

k. The Board of Selectmen, Board of Health and Planning Board shall each be furnished with a plan of the trailer park that shows, in addition to the other details, the sewage disposal system and indicates the capacity thereof.

(3) Outside of Trailer Park.. In areas external to an approved trailer park, house trailers shall be used or parked only as provided below:

a. The Board of Health may grant a permit for a house trailer to be parked and used as a residence on private property (such property shall be considered to include occupied dwelling lots) for a period not to exceed 30 days in anyone year. The Board of Health may extend the permit for an additional 30 day period if requested to do so. Water supply and sewage disposal facilities for such a trailer must be approved by the Board of Health.

b. The Board of Health may grant a permit for a house trailer to be parked and used as a residence while a house is being constructed on the same premises. Such a permit shall be valid for one year, but may be extended by the Board of Health for one year additional if the Board is satisfied the construction of the house is being carried forward in good faith. If the construction ceases to be carried forward in good faith, the Board shall revoke the permit. The sewage facilities to be provided for such a trailer shall be the same as the facilities required by the Board of Health for a dwelling.

c. An unoccupied and unused house trailer may be parked on private property.

2/16.4                  Administration

(1) Enforcement. The provisions of the By-Law shall be enforced by the Board of Health.

(2) Penalty. Any person who violates any provision of this By-Law or any of the conditions under which a permit is issued may be fined not more than twenty dollars for each offense. Each day that such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.

(3) Validity. The invalidity of any section or provision of this By-Law shall not affect the validity of any other section or provision of the By-Law.

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