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Photos of Raynham
Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Open Space and Recreation Survey
2009 - Town of Raynham Community Survey for Open Space & Recreation Planning

The Town is in the process of updating its 2002 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  An update is necessary to qualify for State reimbursement programs for acquisition and protection of important open space.  This survey is being conducted as part of the update in order to understand the needs and concerns of the citizens of Raynham regarding open space and recreation facilities.

For this survey “open space” will be defined as  public or privately owned undeveloped land that is important for a variety of reasons.  The land may or could be used for active or passive recreation, agriculture, forestry or have important scenic qualities that are worth preserving.  Please answer all of the questions and return by mailing or drop off  to:
 Town Planner’s Office, 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767 (by 11/15/09)  or email to 

How many years have you lived in Raynham?       (Please circle one)
0-5          6-10          11-15          16-20          21-25          26-30             31-35          36-40          41-45          46-50          51 + years

What of the following best describes your current living situation?
____single parent- children at home     ____family- grown children no longer at home    ____single young adult- living alone ____family with older children             ____single young adult- sharing living quarters ____senior couple or family
____young adult couple- no children     ____senior living alone                         ____young family with young children ____other
Do you consider Raynham: (Please circle one choice)
A rural town                            yes     no      not sure
A suburb of Boston                      yes     no      not sure
A bedroom community                     yes     no      not sure
A town in transition                    yes     no      not sure
Please circle the number corresponding to your choice for the following question.
Very Important - 5          Important - 4                Neutral - 3               Less Important - 2           Not Important - 1

How important is it to you to preserve:
Buildings of historical or architectural interest?      5       4       3       2       1
Places of historical value?                             5       4       3       2       1
Open spaces to meet our recreation needs?               5       4       3       2       1
Open space to meet our water supply needs?              5       4       3       2       1
To preserve open spaces in town, would you:
Donate money to buy land?                                                               Yes     No      Not Sure
Rewrite your deed to limit future development of your land?                                     Yes     No      Not Sure
Sell land to the town at a “bargain price”?                                                     Yes     No      Not Sure
Sell or contribute a conservation easement/restriction to protect                               
                                                  your land from future development?                  Yes      No      Not Sure
Sell some land to the town at fair market value?                                                Yes     No      Not Sure
Vote for a town-supported land acquisition?                                                     Yes     No      Not Sure
Sell development rights to your land in order to not development your land in the future?               Yes     No      Not Sure        
Favor requiring developers set aside open space in new subdivisions?                            Yes     No      Not Sure
Support a real estate transfer tax to acquire land on new construction (residential)?           Yes     No      Not Sure
Support a real estate transfer tax to acquire land on any real estate transfer?                 Yes     No      Not Sure
How important is it to you for the town to acquire and preserve conservation areas for natural areas?

___Very important       ___Important    ___Neutral      ___Less important       ___Not at all important

Do you favor preserving farmland?                                       Yes     No      No opinion

Do you favor preserving farmland through state programs?                Yes     No      No opinion

What private actions do you favor to preserve farmland? (Check all that apply)
_______Purchase of valuable land                                _______Limited development
_______Donation and receipt of conservation restrictions        _______Have a farm restriction placed on your land in perpetuity
What public actions do you favor to preserve farmland? (Check all that apply)
_______Outright purchase of land                                _______Purchase of development rights
_______Property tax reduction programs for farm, forest and recreation land

What residential growth policy do you favor for the town?  (Please circle one)
No growth                                               Growth evenly spread    
Regulate growth in existing developed areas                     Regulate growth in existing undeveloped areas

What business and industrial growth policy do you favor for the town?  (Please circle one)
No growth                                               Growth evenly spread    
Regulate growth in existing developed areas                     Regulate growth in existing undeveloped areas
Do you know where all the conservation areas are in town?                       Yes     No      Not Sure

Please answer the following questions about our recreation needs
Very Satisfied-5                Satisfied-4        Neutral-3           Dissatisfied-2   Very Dissatisfied-1

How satisfied are you with the places for children and youth to play and recreate in town?  
5       4       3       2       1

How satisfied are you with the places available in town for recreational use by adults?         
5       4       3       2       1
Do you use recreational facilities located outside of Raynham?  Yes     No                                                                      If yes, which ones? _________________________________________________

Please number the top five recreational facilities you feel are needed?
Pick only five and number 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (#1 being the highest priority down to #5 being the lowest priority)
Little League field_____        Soccer field___ Football field___   Babe Ruth field___    Tennis Courts___     Children’s play areas___   Bike trails___        Basketball courts___   Picnic Area___    Hiking & cross country skiing trail___     Ice skating rink___   Conservation areas___ Outdoor amphitheater___  Develop a town common ___  Recreation center building___  Local neighborhood parks___    Public access areas to water bodies_____ Swimming Pool_____   Fitness Trail____  Other (Please Specify)_________________________
Do you know about all the recreational programs available?              Yes     No      Not Sure

Do you know what kind of activities you can do on conservation areas?   Yes     No      Not Sure

Should the town act first to maintain its current recreational facilities, or acquire more conservation land, or should there be equal emphasis on both?
______Maintain current recreation areas and facilities
______Acquire additional conservation land
______Place equal emphasis on both maintenance and acquisition
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about open space and recreation planning in Raynham, if so, please use the space below for that purpose.  Thank you very much for your effort and time.  Results will be made available at Town Hall and highlights will be shared with local papers.

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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