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Photos of Raynham
Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
1/3                     Officers and Employees
Elected Officials:

Board of Selectmen MGL 41:1
Town Clerk MGL 41:1
Town Treasurer MGL 41:1
Board of Assessors MGL 41:1
       Planning Board MGL 41:81A
       Moderator MGL 39:14
        Tax Collector MGL 41:1
                        Board of Health MGL 41:1

       Appointed Officials:
Town Accountant MGL 41:55
Town Counsel MGL 40:5(16A)
        State Aid and Burial Agent MGL 114:10
        Civil Defense Director Special law 31:13
        Chief of Police MGL 41:97, 97A
        Chief of Fire Department MGL 48:42
        Constables MGL 41:91A
        Animal Officer MGL 140:151
        Sealer of Weights and Measures MGL 41:85  
        Electrical Inspector
        Cattle and Barns Inspector
Moth Superintendent
        Veterans Service Officer
                        Gas Appliances Inspector
       Plumbing Inspector
        Building Commissioner
        Registrars of Voters
        Highway Superintendent (MGL C.41 s.21 & 66)
Tree Warden

                        Officials Appointed by the Town Meeting:

                       Fence Viewer MGL 49:1
        Field Driver MGL 49:22
Measurer of Wood and Lumber Surveyor MGL 94:296
1/3.1           Town Accountant (also called "Auditor" and "Accounting Officer")
The Town Accountant shall make an Annual audit of the Treasurer’s books and an annual audit of the Tax Collector’s books. He shall make a report to the town of the condition of the Treasurer's books and the amount of cash on hand at the close of the fiscal year.

The Town shall have an Annual State Audit. (see MGL C. 41, S. 55 and MGL C. 41, S. 48)

1/3.2           Selectmen

Section 1. The Selectmen shall have full authority as agents of the Town, acting upon the advice of the Town Counsel, to settle any claims or suits against the Town which in their judgment cannot be successfully defended, when the sum to be paid does not exceed one hundred dollars. Any settlement requiring the payment of a sum greater than one hundred dollars, except as authorized by law, shall be made only when authorized by the voters at a town meeting.

Section 2. The Selectmen may appear in the interest of the Town, either personally or by the Town Counsel, before any court, committee of the legislature, or any state or county board or commission; they shall have full authority as agents of the Town, acting upon the advice of the Town Counsel, to institute and prosecute any and all necessary suits and proceedings in favor of the Town, and to appear and defend any and all suits and legal proceedings against or involving the Town's interests.

Section 3. All conveyances of land or interests in land which may hereafter be authorized by a vote of the Town, or otherwise, shall be signed by a majority of the Board of Selectmen, unless otherwise provided by law of a vote of the Town, and shall be sealed with the Town Seal.

Section 4. The Chairman of the Board of Selectmen shall upon the election of a new clerk of the Board, file with the Town Clerk annually all minutes of the Board, taken by the retiring clerk.

Section 5. The Selectmen may sell any personal property or material lawfully in the custody of and belonging to any Town department, not required for its use and not exceeding one hundred dollars in value. No property of the town of value in excess of one hundred dollars shall be sold except at public auction, after not less than seven days notice in one or more newspapers published in the County of Bristol.

1/3.3           Town Counsel

Section 1. The Selectmen shall annually, in the month of March, appoint a Town Counsel, who shall be an attorney and counselor at law and a resident of the County of Bristol, and who shall hold office for the term of one year from the first day of April and until his successor is appointed and qualified. He shall receive such compensation as the Selectmen may determine, subject to the appropriation of the town therefore.

Section 2. The Town Counsel shall act as the legal advisor and    counselor of the town. It shall be his duty to examine or cause to be examined all titles to property in which the town may acquire an interest, to draft all deeds, obligations, contracts, bonds, leases, conveyances, agreements and other legal instruments, of whatever nature, which may be required by any by-laws, vote or action of the town, or any board or officer, to which the town or its agents may be a party, and which by law, usage or agreement the town is to be at the expense of drawing. This section shall not apply to deeds and conveyances by the Treasurer or Tax Collector in cases of Tax Title Foreclosure.

Section 3. All articles in warrants for town meetings which contemplate the appropriation of money or the negotiation of town bonds or notes may be submitted to the Town Counsel for his examination and approval.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Town Counsel to advise and represent any official or office holder of the town.  

1/3.4                   Town Clerk

                       Section 1. The Town Clerk shall, immediately after every town meeting, notify, or cause to be notified, any person elected, chosen or  appointed to any town office, or to serve upon any board of committee of the town, of his election, choice or appointment; and shall also furnish the various town officers, committees, boards, or departments with a copy of all votes affecting their respective offices or departments.  (May 1975 ATM)

Section 2. The Town Clerk shall keep and cause to be permanently bound one or more files of the town reports.

Section 3. He shall not allow original papers or documents of the town to be taken from his office, except as they remain in his custody, or by authority of the law.

Section 4. He shall have stated hours for the transaction of business, and give public notice thereof.

Section 5. All fees received by the Town Clerk by virtue of his or her office shall be paid into the town treasury. (Amended May 15, 1995)

1/3.5   Treasurer

Section 1. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all deeds, bonds and insurance policies belonging to the town, except that the bond of the Treasurer shall be in the custody of the chairman of the Board of Selectmen. (Amended May, 1975)

Section 2. The Treasurer shall make an annual report which shall contain a statement of the amount of money received and paid out by him during the year; a full exhibit of all moneys, properties and securities which may be placed in his charge by virtue of any statute or by-law, or by virtue of any gift, devise, bequest or deposit; a list of all notes issued during the year, showing the purpose for which the money was borrowed, and giving the date, term, rate of interest, time of maturity, and the premium, if any, received thereon; a list of all notes paid during the year, and a list of all outstanding notes with dates of which they will mature.

Section 3. He shall have stated hours for the transaction of business and shall give public notice thereof.

1/3.6              Assessors  (This was repealed on May 18, 1978, ATM Article 49)

1/3.7           Tree Warden

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Tree Warden fro a term of three years beginning July 1, 2000. The Tree Warden shall exercise the duties of Tree Warden and of Insect Pest Control. Such Tree Warden shall be qualified by training and experience in the field of arborculture. Said Tree Warden shall be licensed, or shall obtain a license within one year of appointment, with the Department of Agriculture in accordance with the provisions of section 10 of Chapter 132B. (May 15, 2000; A.G. approved August 8, 2000)

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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