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Photos of Raynham
Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
1/5                     Town Meeting

1/5.1           The Annual financial town meeting shall be held on the third Monday in May at 7:00P.M. commencing year 1975. ( March 1974 ATM)
1/5.2                   Warrant

                        Every Town Meeting shall be called by a warrant directed to a Constable,   or other duly appointed person, by posting attested copies of said warrant  in not less than seven public places in the Town, at least seven days before the day fixed for the annual town meeting, and at least fourteen days before the day fixed for a special town meeting. In addition, attested copies of Special Town Meeting warrants shall be posted at all polling places.
Following places for posting Town Warrants:
Slip's Capeway Marine, Municipal Building, Raynham Center Post Office, Raynham Post Office, Gilmore Hall, Merrill School, Senior Center
Every article intended for insertion in the warrant for annual or special Town Meetings must be presented in writing to the Selectmen, in accordance with law, on or before February 10th in the case of the annual meeting, and not less than two weeks before a Special Town Meeting. At the same time a copy of each of said articles shall be filed with the Clerk of the Advisory and Finance Committee. (Amended June 1983 ATM, May 1984 ATM)

1/5.3                   Procedures at Town Meeting

                        1. Only voters shall be admitted to the place of meeting or to a defined portion thereof, and the check list shall be used in enforcement of such order. This does not prohibit the moderator from admitting any person to the town meeting who has business before it so requested by an office holder of the town or by ten or more voters who shall sign such a request. The moderator shall announce to the meeting the name of those thus admitted to become a matter of record of the Town Meeting.

2. All articles in the warrant shall be acted upon in the order of their arrangement, unless the meeting by vote otherwise determines.
3. Any report, resolution, motion or appropriation shall be reduced to writing, if the moderator so directs.
4. No person shall address the meeting unless recognized by the moderator, nor speak more than once on the same subject to the   exclusion of any other who may desire to speak.
5. Any person who is employed as an attorney by another interested in any matter under discussion at a town meeting shall disclose the fact of his employment before speaking thereon.
6. In accordance with MGL Ch.39 Sec.15, the Moderator shall preside over town meetings, regulate the proceedings, decide all questions of order and make public declarations of all votes. If a two-thirds vote of a town meeting is required by statute, the Moderator shall at his sole discretion determine whether it is necessary to count and record the vote. If any declaration of vote by the moderator is immediately questioned by seven or more voters rising in place, the Moderator shall verify and record the vote, which shall in such case be taken by a show of hands or standing vote. The vote on any motion, provided at least twenty-five voters so order, shall be taken by a “Yes” or No” paper ballot.

7. No reports of committees shall be in order at any special town meeting unless made under an article in the warrant which indicates the subject to be reported upon.
8. No vote after being once passed at a meeting shall be reconsidered at that meeting or at an adjournment thereof, except by a two-thirds vote.

9. No motion, the effect of which would be to dissolve the meeting, shall be in order until every article in the warrant has been duly considered and acted upon, but this shall not preclude the postponement of the consideration of any article to an adjournment of the meeting to a stated time.  

10. The duties of the moderator, not specially provided by law or by these by-laws, shall be determined by the rules of practice contained in Cushing's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, so far as the same is applicable to a town meeting.  
11. The duties of the Moderator, not specially provided by law or these by-laws, shall be determined by the rules of practice as set forth in Town Meeting Time, as amended, as far as the same is applicable to a town meeting.

1/5.4                   Town Meeting Actions

                        All Town Votes or parts of Town Votes heretofore adopted which are inconsistent with the provisions of By-Laws are hereby repealed and annulled; but the provisions of foregoing By-Laws, so far as they are the same as the provisions of  Town Votes heretofore adopted, shall be construed as a Continuation of said Town Votes, and not as new enactments.

The repeal of a Town Vote heretofore adopted shall not affect any act done, ratified or confirmed, or any right accrued or established, not any action, suit or proceeding commenced or had, nor affect any punishment, penalty or forfeiture incurred under such Town Vote.
By-Laws may be amended or repealed at any Town Meeting by Vote of the members present, provided an article for the purpose has been inserted in the warrant for that meeting, substantially stating the amendment proposed or the article or section of article to be repealed.

1/5.5                   Adjourned Town Meetings (This section repealed April 16, 1991)

1/5.6                   Quorums

A quorum at any town meeting, except such parts as are devoted elections of town officers, shall consist of twenty- five (25) registered voters, but no vote shall be passed involving an expenditure or appropriation of more than five thousand dollars or involving amendments or modification to the zoning map or zoning by-laws unless there shall be present at least seventy-five (75) registered voters, but a less number may organize to adjourn to some future date. (Amended May 1980, Sept. 1982, May 1984 & May 1992)

1/5. 7                  Election of Town Officers

Such town officers are required by law to be chosen by ballot shall be elected annually on the last Saturday in April, preceding the last Monday in April.(Amended May 1978).
A moderator shall be elected for a term of three (3) years.(Amended May 1993)

1/5.8                   Appointment of Committees

All committees may be appointed by the moderator, with the exception of the Finance Committee, unless the town otherwise directs, and shall report as directed by the town. If a committee does not report as directed, or at the next annual town meeting held thereafter, it shall be deemed discharged unless an extension of time be granted by the town. All committees so appointed shall organize at their first meeting.

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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