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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
2/3                     Building Construction

2/3.1   By-Law Relating to the Establishment of a Building Inspector
May 18, 1978
(a) The Board of Selectmen annually in March shall appoint a Building Inspector to hold office for the term of one year from the first of April following and until his successor is appointed and qualified, the Building Inspector shall receive such salary or compensation as shall be fixed by the Board of Selectmen.
(b) The Building Inspector shall be charged with the enforcement, where said enforcement is not reserved to other agencies, of all By-laws pertaining to the use of land and the construction of buildings thereon. He shall issue permits, collect fees for them as agent of the town and inspect all building operations within the town, and he may for the purpose, enter upon the premises, where such operation is carried on, at all reasonable times and shall report to the Board of Selectmen all violations of the By-laws, or of the conditions of any permit issued.

The Building Inspector shall, in addition to his other duties, have the responsibility of inspecting all maintenance work performed on town buildings and premises, and shall at least once in every three months report in writing to the Board of Selectmen his recommendations concerning the condition and requirement of such Town property.
May 18, 1978    (c) Application for permit to erect, construct, reconstruct, alter or add to a structure shall be on forms provided and subject to the approval of the Building Inspector, and a copy of said permit shall he kept for filing, signed by the property owner.
(d) Public notice of a permit granted shall be made by posting in a conspicuous place on the premises of a suitable placard giving the name of the owner, the signature of the Building Inspector and such other information as the Building Inspector may deem proper.

(e) Deleted May 18, 1978

(f) Any person violating any of the provisions of this By-Law shall be fined not more than twenty (20) dollars for each offense. Each day that such violation continues without abatement shall constitute a separate offense.
(g) The Building Inspector shall annually submit a report to the Board of Selectmen to be placed in the Town Report.
September 11, 1984      (h) For each building permit issued there shall be paid to the Building Inspector for the use of the town, fees to be established by the Board of Selectmen and the Building Inspector.
(i) Any person appointed Building Inspector shall meet the requirements of Section 107.5 of the Massachusetts Building Code, e. 802, Acts. 1972.
May 18, 1978    (j) All building permits shall be null and void after six months from date of issue unless work has been started and is proceeding at a reasonable rate. Application must be made thereafter for a new permit.

2/3.2                   By-Law regulating the elevation of all buildings and structures.

May 18, 1978    The elevation of all buildings or structures shall be so constructed to be free of water as determined by the Building Inspector after consulting with the Highway Surveyor.
2/3.3                   Building Code.
May 18, 1978    "Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code, Chapter 802, of the Acts of 1972" as amended.
2/3.4.                  By-Laws Regulating the Construction of Buildings  
2/3.4.1                 Definitions  
(1) A lot shall be defined as an area of land with definite boundaries whether held by ownership in fee or under lease.

(2) A street shall be defined as a way open to public use or a way approved by the Planning Board.
(3)  In the absence of a street layout the street line shall be defined as being 20 feet from the center of the road, unless planned otherwise by the Planning Board.
(4) A dwelling shall be defined as a building or structure used or intended to be used for dwelling purposes. Any building or structure permanently attached to a dwelling is, for the purposes of these By-Laws, to be considered part of the dwelling, but shall not include a structure for use solely for transient or overnight occupancy.
(5) Reference to erection of a dwelling shall also apply to the placing of a dwelling moved from another location, and to the conversion of any structure to be used as a dwelling.
2/3.4.2                 Plans and Permits
May 30, 1979
1. Before any principal building or structure, other than a dwelling of 100 square feet or more in area on the ground and 8 feet or more in height is constructed, reconstructed or relocated, the Planning Board shall be furnished with a plan drawn to scale showing the lot dimensions, adjacent ways, the size and location of buildings or structures proposed to be constructed, reconstructed or relocated thereon, the location of any existing or proposed driveways, parking areas, drains and other buildings and major structures on the lot, and a statement of the intended use of such building or structure.
2. The Planning Board shall advise the applicant and the Building Inspector in writing if, in the Board's opinion, the proposed building and its placement on the lot would be in violation of the By-Law or of any zoning regulation of the Town of Raynham, or make recommendations for changes which would bring the proposed building or structure in conformance with the applicable By-Laws and improve the safety and convenience of the layout, or notify the Building Inspector and the applicant that, in the Board's opinion, the proposed construction, reconstruction or relocation should be given a building permit.

2/3.4.3                 Steam or Hot Water Heating Furnaces.

Where oil is used for fuel or heaters are controlled by Automatic Stokers a Low Water Cut Out shall be installed.

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