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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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2/4     By-Law Regulating the Numbering of Buildings and Structures in the Town of Raynham

2/4.1   Purpose
The purpose of this By-law shall be to provide an orderly and systematic method for identifying and locating buildings used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and any other structures ordinarily numbered.
2/4.2   Definitions
The word building shall be taken to mean any dwelling, structure used for commercial purposes, structure used for industrial purposes, or any other structure ordinarily bearing a number for identification purposes.
The term principal street shall refer to any street (except limited access throughway) located in the Town which bears a state or federal numbered route designation, and such other streets as may be specified in Section 2/4.3; Regulations.

        The term secondary street shall refer to all streets not otherwise designated as principal streets.
2/4.3   Regulations
(1) Every building on an accepted Town way shall be numbered in accordance with the system, definitions, and limitations as set forth in this By-Law.
(2) Authority for the administration and supervision of the provisions of this By-Law shall rest with the Selectmen, or their authorized agent.
(3) For the purpose of establishing base lines the following streets are designated as principal streets: Broadway, South Main, North Main, South Street East, Route 1144.
(4) Principal streets running in a general north/south direction shall be numbered from south to north.

(5) Principal streets running in a general east/west direction shall be numbered from west to east.

(6) Secondary streets shall be numbered from their point of intersection with a principal street, except that a secondary street which does not intersect a principal street shall be numbered from its point of intersection with a secondary street which leads to the nearest principal street.
Specifically excluded from the foregoing are Hall Street which shall be numbered from its point of intersection with Elm Street East; Dean Street, to be numbered from Church Street; East Warren Street numbered from Judson Street; Elm Street East from Broadway, Woodward Road from Elm Street East, and Thrasher Street from King Philip Street.
(7) Building numbers shall be established by actual round measurement from the point of origin, with distances taken to the center of the building frontage to the nearest practical foot.
(8) Numbers shall be established by said measurement in units of ten (10) feet, so that the distance from point of origin to the measuring  point of any building shall be divided by ten (10) to determine the number for that building.
(9) Odd numbers shall be on the right and even numbers on the left, with relation to proceeding from the point of origin of any street.
(10) If a way continues across, or over, another way the point of origin of the way being numbered shall be unchanged, and the numbering system shall continue as though no intersection had taken place.
(11) All existing numbers, posted or otherwise valid with the assignment of a number derived from the aforementioned system and the assigned number shall become the only recognized building number.
(12) The owner is responsible for notification of all agencies which will use the assigned number, and shall affix to the building in a prominent spot the assigned number in numerals not less than 2" in height and made of durable material.
(13) No provisions of this By-Law shall take effect except as provided in paragraph 14.
(14) To implement this By-Law the following procedure shall be followed:
The Planning Board shall recommend to the Selectmen that street, or those streets, which should come under the numbering system for any given year. The Selectmen shall cause to be inserted in the annual Town Meeting warrant an article designating the street, or streets, on which the numbering system is to become effective and specifying a sum of money to be expended in the measurement of said streets and the assignment of numbers thus derived. Acceptance of the article by the Town shall authorize the Selectmen, or their authorized agent, to proceed with the action specified, and existing numbers on the designated street, or streets, shall become invalid as provided in paragraph 11 of these regulations.
2/4.4   Penalty
(1) Any person failing to display an assigned number as specified in Section III, Subsection 12, thirty days after the assignment of said number shall be fined not more than ten (10) dollars for violating the provisions of this By-Law.
(2) Each thirty-day period that such violation continues without abatement shall constitute a separate offense.

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