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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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2/9     Parking By-Law

2/9.1   Regulation of Handicapped Parking
(a) Any person or body that has lawful control of a public or private way or of improved or enclosed property used as off-street parking areas for businesses, shopping malls, theatres, auditoriums, sporting or recreational facilities, cultural centers, residential dwellings, or for any other place where the public has a right of access as invitees or licensees, shall reserve parking spaces in said off-street parking areas for any vehicle owned and operated by a disabled veteran or handicapped person whose vehicle bears the distinguishing license plate authorized by section two of chapter ninety, according to the following formula:
If the number of parking spaces in any such area is more than fifteen but not more than twenty-five, one parking space; more than twenty-five but not more than forty, five per- cent of such spaces but not less than two; more than forty but not more than one hundred, four percent of such spaces but not less than three; more than one hundred but not more than two hundred, three percent of such spaces but not less than four; more than two hundred but not more than five hundred, two percent of such spaces but not less than six; more than five hundred but not more than one thousand, one and one-half percent of such spaces but not less than ten; more than one thousand but not more than two thousand; one percent of such spaces but not less than fifteen; more than two thousand but less than five thousand, three-fourths of one percent of such spaces but not less than twenty; and more than five thousand, one-half of one percent of such spaces but not less than thirty.

(b) Parking spaces designated as reserved under the provisions of paragraph (a) shall be identified by the use of above grade signs with white lettering against a blue background and shall bear the words "Handicapped Parking: Special Plate Required. Unauthorized Vehicles May Be Removed at Owner's Expense"; shall be as near as possible to a building entrance or walkway; shall be adjacent to curb ramps or other unobstructed methods permitting sidewalk access to a handicapped person; and shall be twelve feet wide or two eight-foot wide areas with four feet of cross hatch between them.
(c) The leaving of unauthorized vehicles within parking spaces designated for use by disabled veterans or authorized handicapped persons or in such a manner as to obstruct a curb ramp designed for use by handicapped persons as a means of egress to a street or public way shall be prohibited.
The penalty for violation of this by-law shall be as follows: for the first offense, fifteen dollars; for the second offense, twenty-five dollars; and for each subsequent offense, the vehicle may be removed according to the provisions of section one hundred and twenty D of chapter two hundred and sixty-six.

2/9.2   Unattended Parking
No person shall park or leave unattended his motor vehicle within any part of the area posted and marked as a fire lane in any parking area or parking lot, private or public within the Town. Any person violating this section shall be punished by a fine of $010.00 for each offense.

2/9.3   Hazard to Traffic Flow  
May 21, 1984                    
No person shall allow any motor vehicle owned or under their control to be parked on any street at any time within the Town so as to pose a hazard to the free and normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Violation of this By-Law shall be punished by a fine of $50.00 and/or the cost of having the vehicle towed.

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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