Town of Raynham, Massachusetts
558 South Main Street, Raynham, MA 02767
ph: 508.824.2707
Stable Regulations & Application


Date:   __________________                                       Initial Fee:       $50.00      
                                                                                       Renewal Fee: $30.00

(AS REQUIRED BY MGL Ch. 111, Sec. 31 & 155)


ADDRESS:        __________________________________________________________________                                                                              

MAILING ADDRESS (If different):_____________________________________________________                                                            

TELEPHONE NUMBER:       _________________________________________________________                                                                       

NUMBER OF HORSES:       _________________________________________________________
NUMBER OF PONIES:_____________________________________________________________
NUMBER OF OTHER* (Describe):___________________________________________________                                                         
*Other animals may include chickens, ducks, goats, fowl, cattle, llamas, emus, etc.

VETERINARIAN’S NAME& PHONE:   ________________________________________________                                                                

Please attach a diagram of your property showing property lines, location of building(s) within those lines where horses, ponies and farm animals will be kept and the approximate number of feet from the
buildings to the property lines. Also include a short description of your Manure Control Plan.

Permits expire on May 1 of each year.

APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE:        ____________________________________________________                                                            

Pursuant to MGL Ch. 62C, Sec. 49A, I certify under the penalties of perjury that I, to my best knowledge and belief, have filed all state tax returns and paid state taxes required under law.

Social Security Number or Federal ID: ________________________________________________                                                          

Signature of Individual or Corporate Name:_____________________________________________                                         

Please Note: SSN or FID numbers shall be redacted if this application is included in a FOI Request


In accordance with Section 31 and 155 of Chapter 111, of General Laws of Massachusetts, no individual partnership, company, or corporation, shall maintain a stable within the Town of Raynham, without obtaining a permit from the Board of Health.  Permits shall be issued for a period of one year and are renewable.  Applicants for a permit must comply with the requirements of the following regulations before issuance of a permit:

Section 1:  Stable shall be located a minimum of 100 feet from a dwelling occupied by an abutter.

Section 2:  Manure, solid or liquid and refuse can be collected in compost piles, these piles shall be treated or covered with earth, loam or other suitable material in sufficient amounts to eliminate any odor or nuisance.  All such piles shall be at least 100 feet from any highway or dwelling of an abutter.

Section 3:  A properly ventilated stable of substantial construction, located in accordance with Section 1 to prevent creation of a nuisance, with provision for adequate drainage of liquid wastes and designed to permit easy cleaning, shall be provided.

Section 4:  A plan or written statement shall be submitted to the Board of Health to show the ultimate disposal of manure referred to in Section 2 and approved by the Board of Health.

Section 5:  The owner shall take effective measures, including the installation of screening and /or the application of insecticides to prevent the entrance into the stable and breeding on the premises of files, rodents and other vermin.

Section 6:  Corrals and paddock areas shall be so located that surface drainage conditions do no create health or safety hazards.

Section 7:  The area referenced in Section 6 shall be provided with an adequate fence to serve a dual purpose.

A)      To safely confine the animals.

B)      To prevent any child from entering the corral or paddock from the sides facing the dwelling of abutters in thickly settled residential areas.

Section 8:  As part of the application, a plot plan showing the location of the stable, compost piles and corrals in relation to abutters dwelling and public streets is required.

Section 9:  Application must state the number of horses to be kept on the premises.  (Town Counsel has stated that only horses belonging to the applicant or his family may be kept on the premises in a residentially zoned area.  No boarding of horses or horses for hire, such as a riding school, are allowed).

Section 10:  A fee of $30.00 per year shall be charged for a stable permit, renewable April 30th each year.
Initial Fee for a new stable permit is $50.00.