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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Borden Colony Advisory Comm. Minutes-06/26/2006

Borden Colony Advisory Committee
Attention: Erika Ueberbacher, Staff Liaison
Town Office Building
53 Orchard Street
Raynham, MA 02767

Minutes from Borden Colony Advisory Committee meeting on June 26, 2006

Guests Present:  
Thomas Bullock, Highway Department
        Roger Stolte, Highway Department
        Stanley Tokarz, Highway Department
 Robert Spencer, Apple D’Or               
         Robert Smith, Park & Recreation Dept.

Members Present:
        John Lucier, Park & Recreation Dept., Representative
           Therese Galligan, Council on Aging, Representative
Chris Gallagher, Town Resident
 Louis Bousquet, Jr., Town Resident
 Peter Bumila, Town Resident

Members/ Representatives Absent:
Donald McKinnon, Board of Selectmen, Representative
        David McRae, Conservation Commission, Representative

No reply or designation of membership:
        David Caron, Raynham Youth Soccer
        Robert McCabe, Raynham Youth Baseball & Softball Association
        Louis Pacheco, Historical Commission

Staff Present:
        Erika Ueberbacher, Staff Liaison to the Borden Colony Advisory Committee

Time Meeting Opened: 5:03 pm
Time Meeting Closed: 5:55 pm

I.      Introduction of Members :
No new members were introduced since the last meeting.
 Guests were introduced. There are three groups who have not designated
any member, so the Committee agreed to open the meeting based on
membership as indicated through correspondence and previous meeting

II.     Organization of Members
No new members were introduced since the last meeting, therefore, no reorganization occurred.

III.    Introduction to Apple D’Or Staff, Olsen’s Greenhouse Staff
Mr. Spencer was present and represented Apple D’Or. No staff was present from Olsen’s Greenhouse or Reed Farm.

IV.     Review of Composting Plan with Apple D’Or Staff and Highway Department Staff

Roger Stolte Highway Department Superintendent:
Mr. Stolte indicated that he is interested in partnering with Apple D’Or for a composting in a separate agreement that would have to be reviewed under State and Federal Guidelines as well as under local Board of Health jurisdiction.  The transfer station already has a site assignment permit for composting from the DEP. This site assignment may need to be modified in the future.  Currently, Mr. Stolte expects a cost savings to the Town of at minimum of $7,000.00 for brush grinding should this program work out. This figure did not take into account any other staffing requirements. Currently, the Town brush piles and composting operation requires staff and maintenance to be funded through the Town. Mr. Stolte would like to see Apple D’Or take over this composting operation and to use stockpiles of existing compost onsite at Borden Colony if at all possible. Also, should the compost operation be utilized for commercial means, the Town may receive some monies from cost sharing. One of the key objectives of researching a shared endeavor is that there needs to be some assurance to Town residents that this will not be a nuisance especially in terms of odor. Also, removal of finished compost material can often be a problem in terms of storage and removal offsite. Mr. Stolte would be seeking assurances on removal of said finished product.

Stanley Tokarz, the Solid Waste Foreman at the Raynham Highway Department:
               Mr. Tokarz was asked about the current recycling operations. There is a
              brush pile that is open to the Town residents and to commercial businesses
           seasonally. There is also additional stockpiling and composting of grass and
           leaves. Staff has to be present to oversee both operations.  Currently, the
           grass and leaf mulch is not tested for contents. Mr. Tokarz was not aware
           of any state, federal, or local requirements that would require testing of this

              Mr. Spencer:
               Mr. Spencer indicated that he would like to pursue investigating partnership
opportunities for compost removal and usage within the Town.  He also
indicated that he would be seeking opportunities through other Town
businesses. He may investigate utilizing food waste components which have
been done in the past.  He clarified that supermarkets are encouraged by the
DEP to participate in composting programs.  He indicated that his interest is
in working through DEP approved programs for composting.  

V.      Update from Mr. Spencer regarding Borden Colony farm fields:
Mr. Reed plans on opening the farm stand during the first week of July. The Olson’s have started planting their mums and at present have tabled the idea of leveling the hill and are using it as is. Apple D’Or has begun working on the fields and planting pumpkins. Soil testing has not been conducted, but will be done through UMASS as an independent testing company.

VI.     Question from Louis Bousquet Jr. regarding signage and trails in Town:
Mr. Bousquet inquired about signage and trails throughout the Town and whether or not there were any plans for beautification of trails and improvements to existing signs.  Mr. Bullock indicated that there are no budget line items currently assigned to beautification and he has begun some maintenance of the signs under the existing constraints. Ms. Ueberbacher indicated that there is an Eagle Scout project to improve the Dora Pine Trail.

VII.    Site Visit to be Conducted:
Roger Stolte Highway Department Superintendent:
Mr. Stolte indicated that he was pursuing utilizing some of the Borden Colony acreage to have a tree farm so that residents will be able to participate in tree planting programs and/ or promote becoming a Tree City USA. He has had some discussions with Mr. Smith from Park and Rec.  Part of the scheduled site visit is to discuss where this tree farm will be.
July 10, 2006 at 4:30 pm. Members and interested parties will meet at the Lion’s Club; purpose is to determine suitable areas for tree farm and community gardens and to inspect for any existing problems.

VIII.   Motion to adjourn at 5:55 pm by Louis Bousquet Jr. Seconded by Therese Galligan. Unanimous vote.

IX.     Next Meeting Date and Time:
July 10, 2006 directly after onsite in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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