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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Quality of Education Committee Minutes 11/01/2004


 November 1, 2004, 6:00 pm                                           53 Orchard Street
 Meeting Room, Town Hall                                             Raynham, MA  02767


Present:        John Donahue, Chairman
                Sue O’Brien, School Committee
Gemma Kochan, L.P.O.
Gordon Luciano, Board of Assessors
John Thomas
                Marie Smith, Chairman Finance Committee
                Tammy Perry, E.C.P.O.
                Karen Crisafulli
                Betty Thompson
                Stephen Donahue

Absent: Mary Hocking

Guest:          Dr. Diane Bemis, Assistant Superintendent B-R School District

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Dr. Diane Bemis, Assistant Superintendent of B-R School District attended the meeting.  She discussed some of the important aspects needed to obtain a quality education.  On class size, Dr. Bemis said that the optimal class sizes is 21-22 students for Pre K-2 and 25 students for all other grades.  

She stated that teacher’s aides are a definite need for all grades and that state law mandates one aide for every seven (7) special needs students.

Dr. Bemis said there should be curriculum specialists at the elementary level (K-5) for the 4 disciplines – Math, English, Social Studies and Science and that these positions are non-teaching, supervisory.  Two curriculum specialists for grades 6-8 – Math, Science, Social Studies, English.  High school – department heads – curriculum coordinators.

There should be a principals in every building and one administrator / assistant principal for every 400 students.

Raynham Middle – One (1) School Psychologist and two (2) Guidance Counselors

There should be an Adjustment Counselor available for all students (grief, peer pressure, etc.)

Approximately $300,000 year MINIMUM should be spent in district for curriculum maintenance and should be increased if you include professional development.

Music and Art are core classes.  Two classes per week for each student (2 Art, 2 Music)

Physical education should be 2-3 times per week.

Dr. Bemis suggested starting a Foreign Language at the 5th Grade and that Spanish and French would be ideal.  Gordon suggested Portuguese as an option because of the current population.

Karen suggested split introduction of Foreign Language and then decide what language to continue with.

George Guasconi will be invited to the November 22, 2004 meeting at 6:00 p.m.  Types of questions to ask him should be specific about the budget.  

John T. asked Dr. Bemis if she had copies of surveys to see how the questions were designed.  She replied that she had Foreign Language and Science with core questions and specific curriculum instruction and assessment.

Dr. Bemis said the wording is very important when sending out surveys to students, teachers and administrators.  The questions should be the same but worded differently.

Karen asked Dr. Bemis what would motivate her to fill out a survey.  Dr. Bemis replied that a personal letter connection is very important.  She said it makes a difference if you contact the person first, send the survey and then follow-up.  

The next meeting is scheduled for November 11, 2004 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Guay,
Recording Secretary

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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