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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Board of Selectmen Minutes 10/03/2017
Board of Selectmen                                                                                      October 3, 2017
Karen Donahue called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.
Present were Joseph Pacheco, Marie Smith and Karen Donahue.  

Acceptance of the Minutes
Mr. Pacheco motioned and Mrs. Smith seconded to accept the minutes of the September 26, 2017 meeting as printed.  Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  

Old Business

Mrs. Smith said the only old business is the motion that I put on the floor last week regarding the cat adoption program to be moved to Borden Colony and we have an article in the next Town Meeting warrant to reimburse Borden Colony $2,000 to spruce up the building.  
Linda Brackett of 27 Hidden Valley Drive was present to address the Board.  Both she and Adam looked at the building and she said it’s not going to work for us.  It’s one big room the horse people use it, the runners use it, and there is no place to secure anything.  I know the issue at the school is security – we have one room on the left and there are two separate doors we can both come and go and the other wouldn’t know we existed.  There is no place to put anything our hope was that this building was someplace for Animal Control to leave our equipment our files – we have one key to the Highway Department they won’t give us two.  So if we have a dead animal I have to go all the way to Adam’s house to get the key.  So that was another thing, the key would be a nice thing just to have there, just a central location.
Just the other day there was an issue at Town Hall and Adam needed a net – so he had to go over to my house to get it, because that’s where they all ended up.  I think one of my biggest concerns is I have minutes from previous meetings and the motion said, that NOAH can stay where they are, if space is needed once the storage is in, then NOAH will need to find another spot.  To me I thought this was a done issue and that was it.  I was getting phone calls that I need to meet Marie, I have a full time job I can’t just leave when I was to go to meet her.  This has to end, I’m wasting so much time on this.  We are happy were we are, it works were we are and the other building is not going to work, and there was a comment made that it was inconsequential what we thought about the building.  But I think we play a big part in this Town and we’re not asking for much.  I feel like I’m being bullied and intimidated and targeted and it has to stop.  We have to come to a conclusion and it has to be done peacefully.  I’m not trying to make trouble, but I just want to stay where we are and do what we do.  
Mrs. Smith said, I don’t have any questions I do have a couple of comments.  First off, number one, you are where you are because somebody said you could stay there until the building was getting the storage in, in which case that would be needed.  I look at a big picture, I know what the minutes said and I know what I said so you don’t have to go through it.  You are going to have to at some point in time, move.  Where are you going, back to your garage?  
Linda replied, No, absolutely not!  
Mrs. Smith said this was the reason that I reached out to the Park and Rec to see if they had anywhere.  Now, what you really want is a shelter of your own.  
Linda replied, Mrs. Smith don’t put words in my mouth.  
Mrs. Smith said, I’m not putting words in your mouth I’m seeing the big picture that is what the Town needs.  
Linda replied, that’s different then what I want.  
Mrs. Smith said, what you want and what the Town wants is really two different things.  As a member of the North School Committee, I want the room when we need it for storage, being put in there then you would have to move.  I went forward to find someplace for you to move to.  Then you’re going to have to be on the lookout for someplace to move to or you’re going to be back in your garage.  
Linda replied, not according to the motion I see here.  
Mrs. Smith replied read it again.  
Linda read the motion from the Sept 5th meeting:  Mrs. Smith said I cannot go along with the motion, I can say with all sincerity that until storage is there, we don’t know how much space is needed.  If we need the space, once the storage is there, then NOAH will have to find another spot.  Mr. Pacheco asked, do you want to do an amendment?  Mrs. Smith said I will put that as a motion, Mr. Pacheco said I will second that and Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  
Mrs. Smith said, and when the storage is needed then you will have to move.  
Linda replied, right, when the storage is needed.  
Mrs. Smith replied, it is going to be needed, trust me.  Now, I look at a big picture.  Where are you going to go?  
Mrs. Donahue asked, do you know how much storage is going to be needed?  
Mrs. Smith replied, we don’t know till we get in there.  That’s why I have always said, when we need it then it will have to be moved.  
Mrs. Donahue said I think that you going out to find a place is forthright and above and beyond, and the building could be used at some point, maybe.  Right now she doesn’t feel she needs to use it, we don’t need a dog shelter in Town right now and money wise what you and Adam are doing is under budget.  And a shelter would cost between $600,000 to maybe $1m.  
Mrs. Smith said you are misstating the whole thing and getting away from the question at hand.  When I went out looking for someplace it was on the comment Joe had made that it was the Town’s responsibility to find someplace for them to go.  
Mrs. Donahue asked what about them having the building all to themselves?
Mrs. Smith stated, other people use that building maybe twice in the summer they don’t use it all winter.  
Linda replied, it’s used from March until November.  And that’s basically our busy season.  
Mrs. Smith replied, you only use the building for a couple of hours on Saturday.  I just cannot see why that building cannot be adapted to your use.  And you’re talking about putting in an office where you were going to have papers and equipment, that wasn’t what you were supposed to be doing at North School.  
Linda replied, we’re not doing that at North School, but if we had that other building to ourselves and there was nothing else in there, that that would be an opportunity for the Town to have an Animal Control Office.  
Mrs. Smith said, I don’t think the Park and Recreation Department would go along with giving you the whole building only because the club has been there for quite some time.  
Linda replied, the only way is to section off part of it.  
Mrs. Smith said, when you made that comment of sectioning off the building I said no to you because I have no authority to.  Now if you want to Park & Rec Commissioners and asked if a petition could be put up maybe you can.  
Linda said, it looks to me that the only door is on that side.  
Mrs. Smith stated, no there’s three doors to that place.  You went around the building, there’s a door in the front and a door in the back.  I would just assume that you would use the back door because that goes right into the room.  And if you put a partition there, it would become a private room.  
Linda replied, but the bathroom is on the other side.  
Mrs. Smith replied, you can put a door here so you can get to the bathroom, because right now you don’t have one.  
Linda replied, but we have hand sanitizer and wipes and we’re fine.  I’m not complaining about…
Mrs. Smith said, I’m not saying that you’re complaining but you stated a fact.  You do not have a facility, here you would a facility and if you could put a partition up if they allowed it, then you would have a room.  
Mr. Pacheco said, could I offer a compromise?  I think for the time being, we let NOAH stay where they are the storage hasn’t yet started and in between the storage starting and the evaluation being done by the company we’re contracting with, we get our building committee involved and we contact Park & Rec to see if it’s viable

to do a partition and to do some upgrades to retrofit it to a manner in which serves Linda and the Animal Control and NOAH.  Then we will have a more realistic picture of what it would cost financially to do it as well.  Because I had an opportunity to go there myself and I don’t think that $2,000 is going to be enough right now.  And if we are talking long term and Linda and Adam are saying it would work if it was private for them, and some upgrades are being done, then instead of nickel and diming the process, then why don’t we be really thoughtful about it, take a couple of months, have the building committee do a scope of work on it and contact Park & Rec and see if it’s viable to do it and get the cost and between now and May we do an appropriation in Town Meeting to do it which I think at that point would probably coincide when all the files would be moving into the North School.  Then I think it could work for everybody and it accomplishes what you would like Mrs. Smith to use the North School for storage but it doesn’t put Linda and operation in an uncomfortable position of operating in a place that doesn’t meet their needs and also long term, also what you’ve been talking about Mrs. Smith of having a more permanent solution for them.  And it gives them more space where they can also incorporate their Animal Control function.  I don’t want to spend $2,000 for something that’s going to last 5 days.  
Mrs. Smith said, the idea at the time was clean it up.
Mr. Pacheco said, I’m hearing that but they’re saying that doesn’t work for them so I’m saying we can meet halfway.  Eventually you guys get what you want and eventually you get what you want and we can finally put this behind us.  
Linda said, it would be a smaller space, but it wouldn’t bother me, that’s fine.  
Mr. Pacheco asked, would that work for you Linda?
Linda said, if it’s a space that’s private and people aren’t in and out of there, yes.  
Mr. Pacheco said, ultimately it’s Park & Rec’s decision if they can do a partition, because I don’t know what kind of lease they have with the Gymkhana Building.  
Mrs. Smith said that was the reason I said no when she asked, can I put a partition up.  I don’t own the building, I can’t yes you can put up a partition or no you can’t.  
Mr. Pacheco said, so we’ll get Park & Rec involved and if they five up the go ahead the Building Committee can do an inspection of the property, come up with a plan really just framing a wall and making sure you have an egress and get you a couple of desks and chairs.  I think realistically that gets everybody what they want, and it’s a long term solution.  I would say that anything we do is with Park & Rec’s blessing and ideally we can partition that off and get a long term lease for the Town for $1 a year or something to lease it out and then we would give the authority to the ACO facility.  The first conversation is with Park & Rec and maybe we can have Dave coordinate that conversation and if Park & Rec says we can work with that, then we can get the Building Committee involved.  
Mrs. Smith replied, as long as the ACO understands that when the storage gets going, this has got to be done before hand, Joe not like after this or after that.  This is got to start now.   
Mr. Pacheco replied, that’s what I’m saying.
Mrs. Smith said, it’s got to start now because when that storage starts going in there, I know what’s going to happen.  And I don’t want a repeat of, of well I’m not moving, I want to stay here this is nice for me I like it here, I’ll only seconded it under those conditions.  
Mr. Pacheco said, I still personally don’t know if we have enough storage to take up that whole building because Police and Fire and the schools aren’t participating but I’m trying to be amenable to your concerns Mrs. Smith and the concerns of the North School Committee.  So, I think that’s a conversation we can continue to have.
Mrs. Smith said, I think that’s a compromise that I can live with.
Mr. Pacheco made a motion to allow NOAH to stay at the North School while we consult with Park & Rec to see if they can partition off the entire the Gymkhana building and if Park & Rec gives us that go ahead, we would ask the Building Committee to do a site inspection and draw up specs as to what the costs associated with that would be, Mrs. Smith seconded and Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  
Carol Sullivan of the North School Committee was present to address the Board.  I know Linda has concerns about security if you’re going to have office files, we of the North School Committee have legitimate concerns about the security of what’s going in the building. I think that has a big play as to what Marie is saying about having people going in and out of the building because there are going to be archives in there, secure items and files and you can’t have people in and out of a building. I think that the Park & Rec building would be a great place for you to be and if they could set it up so it is good for you to have your own space to meet once a week, I don’t think that building is used very much.  
Linda replied, we’re talking about the security of North School.  There are two separate entrances, two separate doors with two separate sets of locks.  That door can be locked in our room and according to Bob Iafrates, as long as there are not more than 50 people in there at any given time, which there never is, then one egress is sufficient.  That door can be locked and nobody can get anywhere else.  I have never let a person by me get in that school, I stopped a person who I didn’t know who they were and it was Dave Donahue.  I said you can’t go in there, he said I’m Dave Donahue, I said you still cannot go in there. He said I’m on the N. S. Committee, and I said I’m so sorry Dave, go ahead.  I was still that focused on what was going on around me.  As far as security goes, we are no threat.  
Mrs. Smith said, on that note I’ll agree with Joe’s compromise, I think it’s a very good compromise.  As long as it gets going so when the storage starts in there and Park & Rec agrees with this, there won’t be any problems.  And if not, at that time as Joe says we’ll have to address where she will move.  
Mrs. Smith wanted to thank Clive Olsen for the flowers that adorn the Welcome to Raynham signs and requested Mr. Flaherty to send a thank you note to him.  
Mrs. Smith wanted to address another matter.  I want to address a number of phone calls I have received regarding all the unregistered cars in Town.  I spoke to Bob Iafrate about it and also had been getting calls.  Mrs. Smith said we do have a bylaw in Town that people should adhere to but don’t.  Bub suggested that he put together a form and if you want to leave a complaint, you can just come down here and fill out the form Bob has, he will address it.  
Mr. Pacheco suggested have it posted on the web site.  

Town Administrator’s Report
Mr. Flaherty reviewed the Town Administrator’s Report.  The back side door, for security purposes is an exit only door, and the front door will be getting a new key, with a swipe mechanism.  The new phone system is in the final phase with the install next Monday.  
The Capital Planning Committee will finalize approvals pending certification of free cash, in about a week.  
Mr. Flaherty is attending Chief Procurement Training this week.  
The Health Inspector’s position has been advertised they have two responses and they are waiting for more.
The North School projects are ongoing and Mr. Flaherty received a final quote from RMC for the bathroom.  He is anticipating a quote for the painting very soon.  
The next Selectmen’s Meeting will be next Tuesday, October 10th at 7:00 p.m.
The next Department Head Meeting will be October 19th.  
Mr. Pacheco asked what the closing date was for the Housing Authority.  I don’t know if we set one and so my question to the Board is if we have not, I think we should we’ve receive as least one applicant and the Housing Authority has two more and they are eager to get at least one filled.  There are two spots and three applicants and we have to set a closing date for the applicants, so I would propose next Tuesday at 4:30 as a closing date.  And if the Housing Authority can make it we will have a joint meeting on the 17th?   Mr. Pacheco made a motion for the closing date for applicants to respond be set for Tuesday, October 10th at 4:30 p.m., Mrs. Smith seconded and Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  

A plaque was received for appreciation of the Board of Selectmen to allow Raynham Pride Day from Kevin and Shirley Ellis.  Mr. Pacheco requested a letter of thanks be sent to them.  
Correspondence was received from the North School Committee requesting the Board give approval to King Information Systems to begin the archive recommendations as of December 2nd 2017.  Mr. Pacheco made a motion to approve the request, Mrs. Smith seconded and Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  

A temporary Senior Clerk is requested in the Treasurer/Collector’s Office and the hours are 31.5 hours, applications should have a resume and a cover letter.  
Correspondence was received for a road layout petition for approval by the Selectmen for Princess Lane, Duke Drive and Queen Circle.  Mr. Pacheco said, we can put it on for inclusion pending Town Counsel’s ok on it.  
Citizen and Community Input
Shawn Mello, who is a boy scout from Troup 79 and he is here for his communications badge.  He has to attend a public meeting and take notes of what was discussed.  

7:35 p.m. Mr. Pacheco motioned and Mrs. Smith seconded to adjourn for the performance of administrative duties, signing of Bills and Warrants with an Executive Session to follow, with no business to be conducted afterwards.  Mrs. Donahue made it unanimous.  

Respectively submitted,

Janet Murphy
Recording Secretary

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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