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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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TIF Board Minuters 6-9-05

Tax Increment Finance Committee                 Meeting – June 9, 2005

Chairman Gordon Luciano called the regular meeting of the Tax Increment Finance Committee to order at 5:05pm.

Present were Gordon Luciano, Linda King, Carol Sullivan, Henry Ellis, Raymond Platt,
Richard McCarthy and Mr. Lewis.

Mr. Luciano informed all that the TIF By-Laws passed with a unanimous vote at the Town Meeting on May 16, 2005.
Mr. Luciano informed that the TIF Committee would have an increase of members to seven.  Members are: Chairman or designee from the Board of Assessors, Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Finance Committee, Business and Economic Development Commission, Town Treasurer/Collector, and one citizen.  Mr. Luciano informed that the Board of Selectmen opened the acceptance of applications for one citizen to be appointed to the Committee.  Mr. Luciano also informed that Mr. McCarthy is an ex-official of the Committee.

Mr. Luciano updated the Committee with information regarding the Raynham Development Fund which has been given a Docket #, no Bill # as to date in Legislation.

Mr. Luciano informed that the proposed Mastria Nissan TIF Agreement presented at Town Meeting on May 16, 2005 was not accepted.  He stated that the proposed TIF Agreement for Mastria Subaru along with C. H. Babb Company was a unanimous vote.

Mrs. Sullivan motioned and Mr. Ellis seconded to accept the minutes of the meeting of April 14, 2005 as printed.  The vote was three accept/2 abstained.

Mr. Luciano thanked all members of the Committee for their hard work and dedication to the Committee during the past year.  Mr. Luciano announced that he would be resigning as the Chairman of the Committee effective this date.  Mr. Ellis motioned and Mrs. King seconded to nominate
Mr. Platt as Chairman of the TIF Committee.  Mr. Platt thanked all, but declined due to previous commitments.  Mr. Platt nominated Mr. Bill Lewis as Chairman and Mrs. King seconded the nomination.  The vote made it unanimous.
Board members thanked Mr. Luciano for a great job done during the past year.

Mr. Lewis reviewed the Guidelines with Committee members.  Committee members revised the existing Guidelines.

Mr. Lewis requested a copy of the new TIF Committee By-Laws.

Mr. McCarthy informed that the City of Taunton has given Dr. Welter their approval to proceed with negotiations for a TIF Agreement in the Town of Raynham.

6:00pm - Mr. Ellis motioned and Mrs. Sullivan seconded to Adjourn.  The vote made it unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn M. Caradonna
Recording Secretary

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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