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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Planning Board minutes October 28, 2014
The Raynham Planning Board held a special meeting on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, at Raynham Veterans’ Memorial Town Hall.~ Vice-Chairman Burke Fountain opened the meeting at 6:15 p.m.

Board members present:~ Burke Fountain, Henry Ellis, Christopher Gallagher, Russell Driscoll

Board members not present:~ Daniel Andrade

Staff present:~~ John Charbonneau, Director Planning & Community Development; Maureen McKenney, Administrative Assistant

6:15 p.m. – Riverfront Estates public hearing was reconvened from October 16, 2014.~ Attorney Edmund J. Brennan, Taunton, MA, appeared on behalf of Applicant.~ Letters from Azu Etoniru, E.T. Engineering Enterprises, Inc., Bridgewater, MA, dated October 16, 2014, and October 27, 2014, were received.~ Attorney Brennan noted there are two matters to be voted on, the TDR Special Permit yield plan, which needs four affirmative votes to be approved, and the three-lot subdivision plan.  He noted the plans are separate but are intertwined.~

Attorney Brennan discussed Mr. Etoniru’s October 27, 2014 comment letter, noting the following:~ 18 ft. pavement width is suggested; there is an energy dissipation settling basin shown on the plan to handle runoff; the basin is a depression filled with rip-rap (stone) and measures 30 ft. by 34 ft. by 1 ft. deep; the roadway will be kept private and wording stating that condition should be included in each lot owners’ deeds.~ Attorney Brennan noted that the roadway name has been changed to Vineyard Grove but the plan layout has not changed.  Also, due to concerns from neighbors, Mr. Andrade of Riverfront, LLC, has eliminated the previously proposed public access road with cul-de-sac to the Taunton River.~ Attorney Brennan noted the elimination of the public access road addresses concerns neighbors had with regard to monitoring and maintenance responsibilities of the public access areas.

Mr. Fountain asked that a note regarding “first deed out” for each lot be shown on the plan; Attorney Brenan agreed. Also, it was agreed there will be a note on the plan stating the roadway is to remain private.~ ~~

In response to a question from Gerry Knappik of First Baptist Church, it was noted the owners of the private road are responsible for maintenance from the intersection of Church Street down into the roadway.~ It was also noted that because it is a private road with few houses, there will be as little impervious road as possible in order to have as little runoff as possible.

Mr. Charbonneau asked if the Board was okay with no fence around the depression.~ The Board noted the depression is only one foot deep.

Mr. Fountain noted the previous special permit for the TDR plan granted 10 lots, which will now be reduced to seven lots by this special permit and that number will be reduced to four lots for future use when three TDR certificates are used on the lots fronting on Church Street.

There were no further comments or questions.~ Mr. Fountain moved to allow the issuance of seven TDR certificates pursuant to Raynham Zoning By-laws, Article 17, for property shown on Definitive Subdivision Riverfront Estates, Raynham, MA, Prepared for Riverfront, LLC, Prepared by Earth Services Corporation, 198 Crane Avenue South, Taunton, MA 02780, dated August 18, 2014, revised October 27, 2014; Mr. Fountain asked if other plans should be referred to and Attorney Brennan noted the submission plan and revisions through today; motion seconded by Mr. Gallagher; motion passed 4-0-0.  Mr. Fountain stated the special permit is granted.

Mr. Fountain moved that when this new TDR special permit appeal period has ended and the new special permit is in effect, the old special permit from November 19, 2008, be revoked by the Board; second for discussion by Mr. Ellis.~ Attorney Brennan stated he agreed to the old special permit being revoked as long as this new special permit is effective.~ Vote was taken and the motion passed 4-0-0.

Mr. Ellis asked if H-20 loading is indicated on the subdivision plan.~ Attorney Brennan stated it was not shown, and Mr. Ellis requested it be a condition of approval.

Waivers requested for the subdivision plan were discussed. Mr. Fountain read the requested waivers as set forth on the plan.~ It was noted the waiver from Sec. 3.7 re. fees was not applicable as the Board is holding $1,000 maximum for review fees.~ Waivers for the following are requested:  an EIS; plan contents; layout plan and profile, except as shown on plan; erosion and sedimentation control plan; storm water management – noted there is no closed drainage system proposed; access width; location and horizontal alignment of street; driveway opening/curb cuts; underground utilities; drainage; street and roadway construction standards; curbing - there is a gravel shoulder and no curbing is proposed; sidewalks; monuments; and, shade trees.  Mr. Ellis questioned why the underground utilities are being waived, and Attorney Brennan cited the expense.~ Board members were agreeable to not having underground utilities on the private road.~ Mr. Gallagher discussed the number of monuments shown on the plan, noting five should be enough to reproduce a survey if needed.~ It was agreed to waive the monuments except as shown on the plan.

Mr. Fountain moved to waive the requirements of Raynham Planning Board Subdivision Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in Raynham, MA, as shown on the plan, except for No. 15, Sec. 9.13 - Monuments, wording shall be added that monuments shown on the plan, as requested by the consulting engineer, E. T. Engineering Enterprises, will be installed; second by Mr. Gallagher; motion passed 4-0-0.~

Mr. Fountain moved to approve the subdivision plan entitled “Definitive Subdivision Riverfront Estates, Raynham, MA, Prepared for Riverfront, LLC, Prepared by Earth Services Corporation, 198 Crane Avenue South, Taunton, MA 02780,” dated August 18, 2014, revised through October 27, 2014; second for discussion Mr. Gallagher. ~Conditions of approval:  roadways are to remain private and maintained by lot owners and note regarding first lot out shall be added to the plan;  all comments by E.T. Engineering Enterprises, letters dated October 16, and October 27, 2014 are incorporated; gravel roadway at south end of the subdivision is eliminated; owners of three lots will be granted access and maintenance easements to the proposed turnarounds located at south and east end of Vineyard Grove and the energy dissipation settling basin at east end of Vineyard Grove; both the roadway and turnaround will be built to H-20 load factor.~ Attorney Brennan stated the correct revision date on the plan is October 27, 2014.~ Mr. Gallagher noted there is an error in the Subdivision Data chart on the plan regarding the pavement width that should be corrected.~~A vote was taken and the motion passed 4-0-0.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.~~ ~

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher J. Gallagher, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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