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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Planning Board minutes November 19, 2015
The Raynham Planning Board held~a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday,~November 19, 2015, at Raynham Veterans' Memorial Town Hall.~ The meeting was opened at 6:00 p.m. by Vice-Chairman Burke Fountain.

Board members present:~ Burke Fountain, Christopher Gallagher, Russell Driscoll, John Teixeira

Board members not present:~ Daniel Andrade

Staff present:~ John Charbonneau, Town Planner; Maureen McKenney, Administrative Assistant

6:00 p.m. – Form A, Church Street:~ Plan was presented by Todd Pilling, P.E., Pilling Engineering Group, South Easton, MA,~for property on Church Street owned by King Philip Realty Trust. ~The plan divides the original parcel into three lots, all of which meet zoning requirements.~ There is an existing house on one of the new lots and the other two lots will be used~for multi-family dwellings.~

After review of the plan,~Mr. Gallagher moved to approve~"Plan of Land in Raynham, Massachusetts Prepared for King Philip Realty Trust," dated September 16, 2015,~prepared by Pilling Engineering~Group, Inc., South Easton, MA,~as an ANR plan; second by Mr. Fountain; motion approved 4-0-0.~ Mr. Driscoll signed the plan.

6:07 p.m. – General Business:~ Mr. Fountain moved to waive the reading and accept the minutes of November 5, 2015; second by Mr. Teixeira; motion approved 4-0-0.~

Mr. Fountain read into the record a letter from McMahon Associates, Taunton, MA, regarding the traffic signal at Route 138 and Center Street.~ The letter explained that Mass DOT has accepted an interim restriping plan to create a southbound left-turn lane on Rte. 138 until construction of the traffic signal begins in spring 2016.~ It was noted the creation of the turning lane will eliminate the need for the police detail at the intersection.~ The letter requested that the Board sign the letter to acknowledge their approval~of this plan.

After discussion, the Board agreed they do not approve of eliminating the police detail, which was a condition of approval for the Wal Mart site plan.~ Mr. Charbonneau will draft a letter to McMahon Associates informing them that there will continue to be a police detail at the intersection until the traffic lights are constructed. ~~~The Board authorized Mr. Fountain to sign the letter to McMahon when the language regarding the police detail is revised.

Memorandum was received~from Mr. Charbonneau regarding Ryan Amusements on Route 44.~ Mr. Fountain noted the site looks better with the recent~improvements made but there are still issues to resolve.~ Mr. Charbonneau explained the~owner is seeking~an occupancy permit from the building department. ~He explained that the occupancy permit has not been issued because a concrete walkway on the west side of the building is not done, the speed bumps that were installed are inadequate, and other issues as well.

After discussion, it was agreed the Board expects the all issues to be completed per the plan~presented and approved by the Board, and the Board will not sign an occupancy permit until all is resolved.

6:15 p.m. – Hutch Motor Sports site plan, Route 44:~ Dan Smith, representing applicant/owner Dave Hutchins (also present) appeared before the Board to request alterations to the approved plan.~ He distributed photos of the site.~ He explained the owners are hoping to eliminate some planting beds at the front of the building in an effort to speed up construction and for financial reasons as well.~ Also, they are hoping to leave the binder course only throughout the winter.

Mr. Gallagher asked if they are seeking an occupancy permit without the top coat and the plantings being done.~ Mr. Smith stated yes and that they have some plantings in now and they believe the binder course has been nicely done and will suffice.~ Mr. Teixeira noted the pavement striping was done, and he asked if owners presumed they would get the Board’s okay once it was done.~ Mr. Smith stated yes.~ He discussed the plantings that were to be eliminated at the porch area.~ He further explained that they did not put in the earthen mound at the back of the site that was to be a buffer.~ He noted the neighbors are happy with the work done as is and the owners believe the existing tree plantings are enough of a buffer.

Mr. Charbonneau stated the Board is not being told everything, noting the curbing is not in place, no bollards are at the front porch, the binder course grading does not match that on Route 44 and the vegetation and berm at the back are missing.~ Mr. Fountain commented that the uneven grading could create an ice problem in the winter.~ Mr. Smith stated the grading was designed properly. ~~He also explained the owners prefer to have a manicured front lawn rather than the plantings in the front of the porch so they can better display their products.

Mr. Gallagher noted there was too much to do to allow an occupancy permit at this time.~ He explained the usual process for an occupancy permit is to have the Board’s consultant conduct an inspection so a surety bond amount can be established.~

Mr. Smith said the owners were hoping not to have bollards.~ Mr. Fountain stated absolutely not, the bollards are needed to stop cars.  It was agreed the bollards are non-negotiable issue but granite bollards can be used instead of the steel bollards on the plan.

The plantings were discussed.~ Mr. Fountain suggested the required plantings could be located elsewhere on the site or plantings that do not grow tall could be used.~ Mr. Smith said owners are envisioning a lawn with no plantings to better showcase the products.~ He noted the plantings could be relocated to the island area.~ Mr. Gallagher suggested they could be located around the basin.

The Board agreed they cannot waive the granite curbing at the entrance because Route 44 is a state road.~ Mr. Smith asked if there could be a two-year limit on the top coating; Mr. Fountain stated not two years.~

Mr. Charbonneau noted there is a sinking area in the parking lot that needs to be addressed.~

Mr. Smith asked if they can put in plantings in the back area instead of the earthen mound.~ Mr. Gallagher asked if neighbors were at the public hearing to request the earthen mound.~ Mr. Smith stated no.~ Mr. Charbonneau noted other residents in the past have expressed noise and light issues with nearby car dealerships.
Business owner Lori Bryant, Lincoln, Rhode Island, addressed the Board and explained they have become friendly with the back neighbors who say they are very happy with the trees in place now.~ She noted the existing trees would have to be cut to create the new berm.~ She said she would invite the neighbors to a meeting to discuss the issue with the Board if needed.

Mr. Fountain said he agreed with not taking down the existing trees to put in new shrubs.~ The Board agreed to leave the existing mature trees.

Mr. Smith said they hoped to let the topcoat settle.~ Mr. Gallagher suggested letting the pavement in place now go through a winter.~ He advised the applicant to get as much work as possible done now because a surety bond will be needed for outstanding items.~

It was agreed that Nitsch Engineering will provide a cost estimate for the outstanding work.~ It was also agreed the front plantings can be moved to~the property line with Raynham Athletic Club and no earthen~berm is needed.~ Applicants will return to the December 3rd meeting.~ ~~~

6:43 p.m. – Form A, Pine Street:~ Plan was presented by Jay Gormley and Tony Chaves, Bridgewater, MA, for property on Pine Street.~ The plan is reconfiguring seven lots on Pine Street to comply with dimensional zoning requirements for residential dwellings in a~light industrial area without public water and sewer.~ A previous Form A for this property created nine lots with the presumption that water and sewer would be available.

After review of the plan, Mr. Fountain moved to approve “Plan of Land on Pine Street in Raynham Massachusetts, prepared by Outback Engineering, Inc.,~dated November 11, 2015, as an ANR plan; second by Mr. Gallagher; motion approved 4-0-0.~ Mr. Driscoll signed the plan.~ (Mr. Gallagher left the meeting at 6:48 p.m.)

Town Planner update:~

  • Construction of the Shell station at Route 44 and South Street West is moving forward.
  • Mr. Charbonneau~attended Mass DOT/District 5 workshop related to Route 138 north of King Philip Street to Elm Street East.~ Mass DOT is proposing sidewalks on both sides of Rte. 138, and the sidewalks~will be 80% federally funded and 20% state funded. ~The state will hold hearings on the matter~and the project could take several years.
  • Mr. Charbonneau~is still going through proposed zoning legislation and will provide a summary when done.
  • There will be public hearing on December 3rd for new project on Paramount Drive.
There was no further business and the meeting closed at 6:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Driscoll, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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