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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Planning Board minutes December 3, 2015
The Raynham Planning Board held~its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, December 3, 2015, at Raynham Veterans' Memorial Town Hall.~ The meeting was opened at 6:05 p.m. by Chairman Daniel Andrade.

Board members present:~ Daniel Andrade, Christopher Gallagher, Russell Driscoll, John Teixeira

Board members not present:~ Burke Fountain

Staff present:~ John Charbonneau, Town Planner; Maureen McKenney, Administrative Assistant

6:05 p.m. – Haynes Group/Paramount Drive & Commerce Way site plan:~ the public hearing was opened.~ Mr. Driscoll read the hearing notice.~ Scott Faria, P.E., J. K. Holmgren Engineering, Brockton, MA, was present representing applicant Hayes Group, Easton, MA.  Letter dated December 3, 2015, was received from Raynham Woods Commerce Center Trust, Jeanne Quinn, Trustee, and Ryan Welter, Trustee, stating approval of the development plans.  Noted:  no project review correspondence received from Nitsch.

Mr. Faria explained the site is 4.5 acres located at the corner of Paramount Drive and Commerce Way in Raynham Woods, and it was previously cleared but has a good tree line at the street.~ An 42,700 sq. ft. office/warehouse building with loading docks is proposed.~~ Water, sewer and electrical utilities are already stubbed.~ Drainage for the lot was part of the original drainage system calculated for the business park.~ Traffic study was also calculated in the original park approval.~ There will be 15 more parking spaces than required.~

Mr. Andrade asked if other recent projects in the park had to provide additional drainage.~ Mr. Gallagher stated yes, explaining that the park was approved for full build-out but things have changed since that time, and drainage issues were revisited because of nearby flooding in the Hill Street culvert area.

Mr. Faria explained there are catch basins on site and manholes to tie into but there is no detention/retention basin.~ Mr. Charbonneau submitted copy of e-mail dated December 3, 2015, from Steven Ventresca, Nitsch Engineering, commenting on the plan.~ Mr. Andrade noted there were several issues cited by Nitsch but some were only clerical.~ ~

Fred Tardie, Thunder Road, Taunton, MA, addressed the Board.~ He will own the building and will occupy one of the units and has two prospective tenants for the other units.~ Mr. Andrade explained that if the parking needs change at the site because of tenants, the plan may need to return to the Board for review.

Mr. Faria noted no special permits are requested and there are~~~ waiver requests.~ He reviewed the plan elevation sheets for the Board.~ Mr. Andrade asked if vacuums or air compressors will be used, possibly generating noise.~ Mr. Faria stated, no.~ Mr. Andrade suggested the applicant work with Nitsch on the outstanding issues.
Mr. Gallagher noted Nitsch asked for pre- and post- drainage numbers, but he feels they are not needed.~ He stated a lot of the issues were “clean-up” and should not change the plan or design.~

Mr. Andrade asked if bollards are proposed.~ Mr. Faria said no, because the sidewalk is raised six inches.~ Mr. Andrade noted six inches does not stop a car.~ Mr. Gallagher asked about the building walls.~ Mr. Faria explained they are reinforced. Mr. Andrade noted that does not help pedestrians.~ Mr. Faria suggested curb stops.~ Mr. Andrade said either curb stops or bollards are needed.

The public hearing was continued to December 17, 6:05 p.m.

6:20 p.m. – Hutch Motorsports, Route 44, site plan:~ Dan Smith, contractor, appeared before the Board on behalf of Dave Hutchins, applicant and co-owner of the site.~ Mr. Andrade noted he saw the site today and asked about the granite curbing.~ Mr. Smith explained the granite curbing was going in today.~ Construction Cost Estimate, dated December 2, 2015, was received from Nitsch Engineering.~

It was noted that the dumpster, the signs, the as-built plan, plantings and top coating all need to be done.~ It was noted another load of gravel could be used.~ Mr. Andrade stated the loaming and seeding are done and grass is growing.~ Mr. Smith discussed the need for a wooden guardrail between Rte. 44 and the basin, noting because of the grade on site, it would be difficult for a car to get over.~ The Board agreed applicant will have to convince the State the guardrail is not needed since Rte. 44 is a State road.

Lori Bryant, co-owner of the site, explained that the camper on site is being used during construction and it will be gone in the spring.

Mr. Andrade discussed that the estimated cost of the bollards is $9,815 but they could probably be done for less.~ He stated no temporary occupancy permit will be allowed until the bollards are installed.~ ~Mr. Hutchins explained the bollards are being completed now.

After reviewing Nitsch’s construction cost estimate, Mr. Andrade suggested $16,460, with no 30% contingency added, is needed at this point.~ It was noted the owners are hoping to get their occupancy permit before the Board’s next meeting, December 17th.

Mr. Andrade stated an “awesome job” was done by the site crew.~ He noted he is not happy that the berm in the back is not being done and he feels a small berm could have been done with the existing trees.~ He noted the neighbors now are happy without the berm but neighbors could change in the future.

The size of the trees was discussed.~ Mr. Hutchins suggested they put 6 ft. trees in place although the plan says 7 ft. to 8 ft. should be used.~ Mr. Andrade said he will e-mail information to Mr. Charbonneau on where larger trees can be purchased.~ Mr. Andrade noted the required shrubs for the front of the site could be waived.~ Mr. Teixeira noted that at the last meeting, the Board agreed it was okay to relocate the shrubs and they had asked for a plan showing the relocation.~

After discussion, Mr. Gallagher moved to accept the amount of $16,460 as surety,~minus any amount that may be done before the bond is submitted; second Mr. Teixeira; motion passed 4-0-0.

The Board agreed an inspection can be done, if needed, before the December 17th meeting.~ Mr. Hutchins explained he wants to hold off on the topcoat for as long as possible.~ After discussion, the Board was agreeable to a six-month temporary occupancy permit.

6:43 p.m. – Town Planner update:

  • Mr. Charbonneau discussed a letter dated November 25, 2015, that he received from MassDOT recognizing the Town’s support of Rte. 138 road improvements.~ Improvements are being planned from King Philip Street to the Easton town line, and the cost of sidewalks along the road may be covered by the federal and state funds.
  • Mr. Teixeira asked if there has been any feedback since the last meeting regarding Center Street traffic lights and pavement restriping and the police detail. Mr. Charbonneau explained that he informed McMahon Associates that the Wal Mart decision stated the Planning Board has jurisdiction on the issue of the police detail, and McMahon Associates was okay with it.~
  • Construction at the Rte. 44/South Street West Shell gas station is proceeding.~
  • Steve Ventresca, Nitsch Engineering, will conduct a site inspection on Monday at Whippoorwill Estates in order to prepare a construction cost estimate for a bond for Phase VI.
Mr. Andrade read a letter dated December 2, 2015, that was received from Ed Buckley, Raynham Highway Superintendent, requesting to use $28,000 of road improvement funds the Board is holding so he can make improvements along Locust Street.~ Mr. Andrade noted the $28,000 being requested is actually a loan since the funds will be returned to the Town when Mr. Buckley receives expected money from Mr. Turowetz, ~developer who is working nearby who has committed to donating funds.

Mr. Andrade moved to release $28,000 to the Highway Department for temporary repairs; second Mr. Teixeira; motion passed 4-0-0.

Mr. Andrade noted the Highway Superintendent send him an e-mail regarding issues at Bassett Knoll Estates explaining that inspections as required were not done and the Highway Superintendent has concerns with the materials used on site.~ Mr. Andrade said an on-site inspection will be done and if it is found the Board’s Certificates of Action (COA) is not being followed, a Cease and Desist order can be issued.~ ~~
Mr. Charbonneau noted that pre-construction meeting for Bassett Knoll was held with the developer and his engineer and all conditions of both COA’s were reviewed in detail.~

Mr. Gallagher noted No. 8 on the COA references the need for a contractor affidavit.~ Mr. Charbonneau noted the only affidavit on file is from Mr. Harris, the developer.

Mr. Andrade explained he asked Mr. Charbonneau to contact Town Counsel to discuss the matter because the Board is adamant that everything be done per the COAs or the project will be stopped.~ Mr. Gallagher asked if a Cease and Desist would be immediate; Mr. Andrade stated yes.~ Mr. Charbonneau noted the Highway Superintendent is reviewing the COA’s.~

After discussion Mr. Gallagher moved to authorize a Cease and Desist if warranted after inspection; second by Mr. Teixeira; motion passed 4-0-0.

Mr. Teixeira asked if the memo submitted to the Board by Mr. Charbonneau is in response to the SRPEDD information on proposed zoning legislation.~ Mr. Charbonneau stated yes.

Mr. Teixeira explained he wants the Board to establish a file for all SRPEDD documents.~ The Board was agreeable.~ Mr. Teixeira noted the House recently passed amendments to the public records law and the bill is in the Senate now.

The Board discussed the 20 hours of time that SRPEDD makes available to them.~ Mr. Andrade requested that Mr. Charbonneau find out how many hours of SRPEDD assistance time are left for both the Board and the Selectmen.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Driscoll, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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