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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Planning Board meeting June 1, 2017
The Raynham Planning Board held its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, June 1, 2017, at Raynham Veterans' Memorial Town Hall.  The meeting was opened at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Daniel Andrade.
Board members present:  Daniel Andrade, Christopher Gallagher, John Teixeira
Board members not present: Burke Fountain, Russell Driscoll
Staff present:  Maureen McKenney, Administrative Assistant; Robert Iafrate, Planning Coordinator
6:00 p.m. – Form A-North Main Street/Mill Street:  Robert Raymond, P.E., Boucher & Heureux, Inc., Westport, MA, appeared before the Board on behalf of owners/applicants Arthur C. & Sandra Sedell, Trustees, C.A.S.T. Realty Trust.  Letter from the Sedells authorizing Mr. Raymond to represent them was submitted.
Mr. Andrade stated there is currently a mobile home and garage on the property.  He noted the purpose of the plan is to create Lot 2 as shown.  Mr. Raymond stated they were dividing the overall piece of property into two lots.  
Board members reviewed the plan.
It was noted the MLC was requested for the property from the Tax Collector’s office but has not yet been received.  Board members agreed they were okay with not having the MLC tonight and could hold the plan until it is received.
Mr. Iafrate noted the trailer will be removed from the property at some point.
Mr. Gallagher moved to approve “Approval Not Required Plan of Land In Raynham, Massachusetts Prepared for Arthur C. & Sandra Sedell, Trs. of  C.A.S.T. Realty Trust,” dated     May 24, 2017, prepared by Boucher & Heureux, Inc., Westport, MA; second by Mr. Teixeira.  Motion passed 3-0-0.  The plan was signed by the Board.  The mylar was held until MLC is received.
Mr. Andrade asked Mr. Raymond to mention to his client that the back yard of the property is being used as dumping ground.  Mr. Raymond noted it will be a good opportunity to clean up when the work is done on the lot.
6:12 p.m.  748 – 770 New State Highway site plan public hearing was reconvened.  It was noted the hearing was opened at the last meeting.  Nitsch comment letter, dated June1, 2017, was received.  Mr. Andrade noted there is still a lot of work to be done on the plan according to the comment letter.
Applicant was not present.  Mr. Iafrate noted the P.E. thought the hearing was scheduled for 6:30 p.m.   The hearing was tabled.
6:18 p.m.  O’Reilly Auto Parts/147 Broadway site plan hearing was reconvened.  E-mail dated June 1, 2017, was received from Randy Miron, P.E., Bohler Engineering, requesting a continuance.  It was noted there is a lack of quorum tonight to act on the special permit for parking reduction for the plan.  
Mr. Andrade moved to continue the hearing to June 15th at 6:15 p.m.; second Mr. Gallagher.  Motion approved 3-0-0.
6:19 p.m.  Sandy Hill Road discussion:  The matter was tabled to the next meeting when there will be a full Board present.  It was noted Chris Gallagher will not be participating in the discussion since his brother, Frank Gallagher, is the P.E. for the proposed plan.  Matter tabled to June 15th at 6:30 p.m.
6:20 p.m.  Skyline Marble and Granite, 1296 Broadway, site plan modification:  Attorney Edmund Brennan appeared before the Board along with Eric Dias, P.E., Strong Point Engineering, to present the plan.  Mr. Dias showed the revised plan to the Board.
Attorney Brennan explained the owner/applicant is ready to demolish the existing building and begin the new construction so the plans are being “fine tuned” with a few changes.  He noted there is a list of the proposed modifications listed on the bottom left corner of the plan:  building interior modification; proposed entrance canopy; removal of landscaped islands; addition of 2 ft. landscaped strip; relocation of entrance and associate sidewalk; relocation of handicapped parking spaces; and addition of retaining wall less than 3 ft. high.  Attorney Brennan reviewed the changes with the Board.  He explained waivers are needed because the landscaping along the service drive is being eliminated to provide more space for service vehicles and the new 2 ft. strip will be added on the east side of the building as replacement; the entrance is being relocated and the handicap parking spaces moved; and, the driveway on Elm Street West requires a retaining wall to be added.  Attorney Brennan noted that the waivers are needed as a result of the changes.
Mr. Dias also spoke to explain the changes, noting the revisions to the building are somewhat substantial but the new building will be an improvement over the original building; Board members agreed.  
Mr. Dias noted that granite-wrapped columns have been added to the façade; the gate at the front remains and the strip at the front is widened to five feet to accommodate the overhang at the columns, resulting in more green space in front of the building.
Mr. Andrade asked if parking spaces will be affected by the changes.  Mr. Dias said no width or depth is lost on the parking spaces.
Mr. Andrade asked if a waiver was previously granted to allow parking within 40 ft. of Elm Street West; Attorney Brennan stated yes.  He noted the new waiver requests are listed on the plan and are needed for the changes to the building.
Mr. Andrade asked if landscaping can be provided at the Elm Street West entrance.  Mr. Dias discussed the slope at the drive aisle, resulting in the need for the retaining wall now showing on the plan.  He said they could look at providing plantings in that area.  Mr. Andrade suggested plantings of maybe 4 ft. to 5 ft. height at the left side of the entrance would be acceptable; Mr. Dias agreed.
There was discussion on whether or not a waiver from landscaping requirement is needed.  Mr. Andrade said it depended if the new landscape area offset what was eliminated.  

Attorney Brennan explained that although the footprint of the building is not changing, there are revisions to the interior layout and use, and the change requires that more parking spaces be provided.  Originally 74 spaces were needed and provided on the plan but the reconfiguration requires 89 spaces to be provided.  As a result, the plan is now 15 spaces short.  It was noted that a reduction in the parking spaces needed would require a special permit with public hearing.    
Mr. Teixeira questioned the gates at the Broadway entrances.   Mr. Dias explained that the northern and western sides of the building were to be accessed by only truck traffic and not customers.  

Mr. Gallagher moved to approve the summary modifications as listed but in lieu of the removal of the landscaping in the rear, an equal amount of deciduous landscaping will be placed westerly of the Elm Street West entrance, resulting in no need for a landscaping waiver request but a special permit will be required for parking reduction; second by Mr. Teixeira; second by Mr. Andrade for discussion.
Mr. Andrade questioned the location of the gates.   Attorney Brennan explained the Board of Appeals wanted the traffic funneled to the back in order to get to the traffic light.  Mr. Dias explained the Broadway gate is only for trucks going out of the site and probably would be closed after hours.  He stated the intention is that only trucks will be leaving on Broadway.
Vote was taken on the motion made.  Unanimous vote to approve 3-0-0.  
Attorney Brennan asked if the Board had issue with the reduction in parking spaces to the 74 originally provided.  Mr. Teixeira asked how many employees there will be.  Mr. Dias was not sure but probably there will not be more than 20 at a time.  Mr. Teixeira said based on that he had no issue with the 74 spaces.  
Mr. Iafrate questioned if the 15 parking spaces now needed could be provided by showing lateral parking spaces at the back of the building where the green space is being taken.  During discussion, Mr. Gallagher noted the spaces just need be shown on the plan and then a special permit will not be needed.  Attorney Brennan and Mr. Dias said they would look at that on the plan.  Mr. Dias said that if the parking spaces needed to be constructed, it would trigger the need to go back to Conservation Commission.
      Planning Coordinator update:  

  • Mr. Iafrate informed that the names at Bassett Knoll Estates will be changed.  He explained that the Police Chief had concern with Kattie Drive being similar to an existing street, creating a potential problem in 911 situations.  The streets will be give names of birds, and Mr. Iafrate will forward the names to the police and fire chiefs when he receives them.  He asked if the change in street names is considered a minor modification of the approved plan.  
Mr. Andrade noted that Mr. Fountain was concerned with the work involved when just one street name was changing so it may be easier to have a plan to record with all the new name changes.  After discussion, it was agreed that new mylar plan and lotting sheet can be submitted to the Board for signature and recording.  Mr. Andrade suggested Mr. Iafrate contact Mr. Fountain next week for his input.

  • Mr. Iafrate reported that Berry Hill Adult Retirement Community will be ready for final asphalt next week and project is looking good.  He noted everything on the plan has been completed although there may be some remaining issues that the Homeowners’ Association will handle.  Mr. Andrade asked if there were any complaints from the Homeowners’ Association; Mr. Iafrate said not yet.
  • Mr. Iafrate told the Board that Lopes Construction will be starting installation of the lights at Center Street/Broadway soon.   
  • Mr. Iafrate informed that 220 Paramount Drive/Haynes Development is complete and all checklist items are done.  He distributed the as-built plan to the Board and asked if it was okay for him to sign off on the project.   Mr. Gallagher asked if all was done according to plan and modifications.  Mr. Iafrate explained the retaining wall is stabilized, the plantings are in and the slope on the Commerce Way side of the site is stabilized.  Mr. Andrade asked if he was comfortable with the final plan; Mr. Iafrate said he thought so, that it was adequate.  Mr. Gallagher moved to give Mr. Iafrate permission to accept the final as-built plan and sign the final occupancy permit; second Mr. Teixeira.  Motion passed 3-0-0.  Mrs. McKenney asked if the bond and project review funds can be released.  Mr. Andrade moved to release the bond and project review money after all bills are paid; second by Mr. Gallagher.  Motion passed 3-0-0.
  • Mr. Iafrate informed that 425 Paramount Drive, China Eternal site plan, is done and he will be issuing a temporary occupancy permit.  He noted the Board will be receiving the final as-built plan at the next meeting.  Mr. Andrade moved to allow a temporary occupancy permit at 425 Paramount Drive for 30 days; second Mr. Gallagher.  Motion passed 3-0-0.
  • Mr. Iafrate informed the Board he will not be at the next meeting as he will be out of the country.
General Business:

  • Mr. Andrade requested that an e-mail be sent to Mr. Ventresca advising him to expedite the review of 748-770 New State Highway with the project engineer, Mr. Choubah.
  • Mr. Andrade requested that an e-mail be sent to Police Chief advising him that the Center Street/Broadway lights will begin construction soon.  Mr. Iafrate said he knew already; no need for e-mail.
  • After discussion by the Board, Mr. Andrade moved to cancel the July 6th  Planning Board meeting; second by Mr. Teixeira.  Motion passed 3-0-0.  Cancellation will be posted on the town website.
SRPEDD update:  

  • Mr. Teixeira reported that he recently attended the annual SRPEDD dinner meeting, and it was very enjoyable.
There was no further business.  Mr. Andrade moved to adjourn; second Mr. Gallagher.  Motion passed 3-0-0.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Driscoll, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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