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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
Planning Board meeting October 5, 2017
Raynham Planning Board Meeting
Raynham Veterans' Memorial Town Hall
October 5, 2017

Meeting opened:         6:00 p.m., by Chairman Daniel Andrade                
Board members present:  Daniel Andrade, Christopher Gallagher, Russell Driscoll, John Teixeira
Board members not present: Burke Fountain
Staff present:          Robert Iafrate, Building Commissioner/Planning Coordinator; Maureen McKenney, Administrative Assistant
6:00 p.m. – Doe Run subdivision: Covenant (Form H-1) was received for Doe Run, a subdivision located off Pine Street.  (Mr. Teixeira arrived.) The document was signed and in order. Mr. Andrade moved to accept the Covenant; second by Mr. Driscoll. Motion passed 3-0-1 with Chris Gallagher abstaining.
6:04 p.m. Form A - Hill Street: Frank Gallagher, P.E., Foxboro, MA, presented a Form A plan for land on Hill Street owned by Louis and Lisa Pacheco. The property is the site of Champion Dog Care; there are approximately five acres; the plan is dividing the land into two lots; Lot 1 will have the existing building/business with conforming frontage on Hill Street and Judson Street; Lot 2 will be approximately 3.3 acres with conforming frontage on Hill Street and Route 44. Both lots are oversized; wetland line is shown on the plan; the upland and the building square both conform to zoning; and, the whole parcel is under the same ownership.
Mr. Iafrate said he reviewed the plan and it meets the criteria.
Mr. Andrade moved to accept “Plan of Land in the Town of Raynham, MA. Situated off of Hill Street,” dated 09-22-17, prepared by Gallagher Engineering, Foxboro, MA; second by Mr. Teixeira. Motion passed 3-0-1 with Chris Gallagher abstaining. Mr. Driscoll signed the plan.
6:10 p.m. – Mr. Andrade thanked the Board of Selectmen for the recent clean-up work done at Johnson’s Pond, noting it looks great. He discussed how the pond has been the site of the yearly fishing derby for youth in Town, including his son, and he has great memories from those events. Mr. Andrade also credited Highway Superintendent Ed Buckley and his department for the work done.
6:15 p.m. Orchard Ave Extension subdivision plan: The public hearing was reopened. Daniel Aguiar, P.E., Sitec Engineering, was present on behalf of applicant Hamlin Realty, Attleboro, MA. Also present was Lee Castignetti of Long Built Homes.

Mr. Aguiar explained the plan is for land at the end of Orchard Ave and that at the previous meeting, the Board had agreed that a cul-de-sac road layout is preferred for this site, and the plan being presented now shows a cul-de-sac with two lots. Mr. Aguiar explained that the Building Inspector had positive feedback on the new layout so they proceeded with a full plan.  The plan proposes a 40 ft. right-of-way, which requires a waiver of 10 feet. Mr. Aguiar explained that both parcels have over 150 feet frontage on the cul-de-sac; both meet the building square requirement; a Y-shaped roadway will be constructed off Orchard Ave with 22 ft. paved surface that will be good for fire apparatus; a two-inch water line is shown; sewer will be tied into the Orchard Ave line. Waivers requests will be listed on the front sheet and will include waivers for sidewalks, curbing and the right-of-way.   

Mr. Aguiar stated all departments have not seen the plan, and he thinks they should be sent to the fire department and sewer department.  Mr. Andrade noted the fire department had approved a much lesser plan so they should be okay with this one. He thinks the police department should review the plan. Mr. Iafrate noted he talked to the deputy at the fire department and he was fine with the new plan.
Mr. Teixeira asked for explanation on why the plan shows a cul-de-sac. Mr. Aguiar explained the road construction will be within the cul-de-sac layout. Mr. Gallagher noted the cul-de-sac gives the lots legitimate frontage. Mr. Iafrate thanked Mr. Aguiar for the great improvement with this plan. He questioned where the snow removal area will be. Mr. Aguiar explained the area, noting they can move the trees back to create more area. Mr. Aguiar also explained there will be roof runoffs to drywells.  
Mr. Iafrate asked that the building square on Lot 1 be reconfigured so it is not in the wetlands. Mr. Aguiar said he thought that was allowable but he will adjust. He noted an Order of Conditions from Conservation Commission will be needed only for the houses to be constructed.
Mr. Andrade asked if there will be roof drains and if soil tests were done. Mr. Aguiar discussed, noting that with only two lots on the plan, roof drains are not required but Long Built Homes typically does them on their houses, and the roof drains will be reviewed during the building permit process.   During discussion, Mr. Gallagher noted the State left the existing mound of fill after nearby construction of Rte. 24.  
It was noted that the lot for drainage and snow will be shown on the plan.  The lot will act as a buffer with the adjacent lot and will be labelled as non-buildable. Mr. Andrade commented that he prefers the snow removal area to be up front so it is better for the highway department. Mr. Driscoll discussed the snowplowing and asked for clarification on who will be plowing. Mr. Andrade said it will be up to the highway department so the Board cannot make that a condition of their approval. Mr. Aguiar said they can put monuments where the road and driveways are located so the limits can be seen. Mr. Andrade suggested aprons could be added to the driveway for identification. Mr. Aguiar said he will put them on the plan for the record and that could be in the Certificate of Action also. Mr. Andrade noted markers are needed on the circle. Mr. Gallagher showed on the plan where they could be located; Mr. Aguiar was okay with it. Mr. Andrade said he would rather see the trees in that area moved because in ten years they could create problems.
Mr. Aguiar asked if the Board was opposed to the inside of the Y area being crushed stone, noting it gives a larger turnaround area. Mr. Andrade said that would be better for the driveways, parking and snow.  The Board was okay with this.
Mr. Gallagher suggested Mr. Aguiar return with a plan reflecting the changes. Mr. Andrade noted it should include markers for the layouts; crushed stone between the two driveways; note on the plan designating the unbuildable lot; building square out of the wetland area; and, snow area designation.
Mr. Iafrate asked if the plan should incorporate the Board’s new minimum road standards. Mr. Andrade said no.
Mr. Aguiar asked about listing all the waivers. Mr. Gallagher explained that the Board will approve what is shown on the plan so if a waiver is inadvertently left off the list, it will be approved as part of the plan. Mr. Andrade informed that he wants to see the elevation plan after the Conservation Commission approval. Also, there are spelling errors to be corrected on the plan. Mr. Iafrate requested that he receive a copy of the plan in advance so he can check the waivers.
Abutter Cynthia Booth Riccardi asked a question about the buffer zone. Mr. Aguiar explained the requirement for a 100 ft. wetland buffer.  He noted the Planning Board is not approving the construction of the homes but that will happen with the Conservation Commission and the Building Inspector.
Mr. Gallagher requested that the lots on the plan be labeled as Lot 1 and Lot 2, not parcels, with the unbuildable lot being labeled as a parcel. Mr. Aguiar agreed.
The public hearing was continued to October 19th, 6:15 p.m.
6:37 p.m. General Business: Mr. Iafrate noted Lee Castignetti was present and asked if the Board would like to discuss Bassett Knoll Estates with him. Mr. Andrade agreed. Mr. Iafrate explained that he received an e-mail late today from Highway Superintendent Ed Buckley about his concerns with Bassett Knoll, including the fact that a retention basin in the subdivision and the catch basin at Locust Street must be completed and working properly, and Mr. Buckley wants the work done before November 15th because road opening permits will end then.  Mr. Iafrate noted there is concern that an old water line in the road may break if problems with it aren’t corrected.
Mr. Castignetti informed the Board that he is meeting with Bill Ward of the Raynham Center Water District tomorrow to discuss. Mr. Iafrate commented that Mr. Buckley discussed going to a shallow basin to correct problems; Mr. Castignetti said a shallow basin is not the issue but they do not want to get involved in a situation with a burst water pipe. Mr. Gallagher discussed moving the basin.
After discussion, Mr. Iafrate noted it is imperative to figure out the problem and do it within weeks not months. Mr. Castignetti noted it isn’t easy to get easements for basin construction work as had been suggested in Mr. Buckley’s e-mail. Mr. Andrade explained that the Town’s is planning to redo Locust Street but a lack of proper drainage will destroy the road. Mr. Gallagher suggested sections of the pipe can be replaced with cast iron.
After discussion, it was agreed there will be a site visit with all parties, including Mr. Iafrate and Mr. Castignetti, on Monday to discuss.
6:45 p.m. – King Estates: Attorney John Zajack, Taunton, MA, appeared before the Board regarding acceptance of roads in King Estates subdivision. Letter dated August 22, 2017, was received from David Flaherty, Acting Town Administrator.  Letter dated October 4, 2017, was received from SFG Associates, Inc.  Letter dated October 5, 2017, was received from Nitsch Engineering, as follow up to their October 2nd letter.
It was noted the Board must act on the matter tonight. Mr. Andrade commented that if any items from the Nitsch letter are not done in a timely way, the road acceptance will be removed at the Town Meeting. Attorney Zajack understood and said the applicant was okay with that.
Mr. Iafrate said Ed Buckley is okay with the subdivision, and he and Mr. Buckley can report on the outstanding work items.
There were no other questions or comments. Mr. Andrade moved to accept the roads in King Estates and send letter to the Selectmen to notify; second by Mr. Gallagher. Motion passed 4-0-0.

Attorney Zajack stated the outstanding items should be done by next Friday. Mr. Andrade instructed him to stay in touch with the Building Inspector so the acceptance article doesn’t have to be withdrawn.   Attorney Zajack agreed.

Town Planner update:

  • Mr. Iafrate informed that he has been calling the State every two weeks for a status update on the traffic light at Center Street but nothing is happening yet.
  • In response to question from Mr. Andrade, Mr. Iafrate informed the Board that the company that was to handle asbestos abatement work at the old site of Brothers Pizza is out of business so they are back to square one on that project. He noted the fire department is involved in the situation but no demolition permit has been issued yet by his office.
  • Mr. Iafrate asked if the Board was okay with the final draft copy of the minimum roadway standards for private roads. The Board agreed they were.
  • Mr. Iafrate is meeting with Grant King of SRPEDD to discuss Route 138.
  • O’Reilly site plan is before the Conservation Commission so work has not begun there.
  • The Raynham Center Water Department is planning to construct a building on Orchard Street/Rte. 44 property. Mr. Iafrate asked if it was exempt from site plan. During discussion, it was noted the residence on the site is not Town owned. After further discussion, the Board agreed that abbreviated site plan is needed for the new building in order to protect the residential homeowner.
SRPEDD Update:

  • The majority of the last SRPEDD meeting was devoted to South Coast Rail and the new line proposed for Middleboro.
  • Middleboro is opposed to the new rail station location and has asked SRPEDD to bring all towns involved together to discuss. Mr. Teixeira felt this was setting SRPEDD up as the “fall guy” and he was the sole vote against the request. Mr. Andrade noted this is what SRPEDD is paid to do, and they would be acting as the middle man. Mr. Teixeira disagreed, stating he believes the State should be doing this job.
  • The new Middleboro rail line has been approved.
There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Russell Driscoll, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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