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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Raynham Town Seal
Planning Board meeting October 19, 2017
Raynham Planning Board Meeting
Raynham Veterans' Memorial Town Hall
October 19, 2017

Meeting opened:         6:04 p.m., by Chairman Daniel Andrade                
Board members present:  Daniel Andrade, Burke Fountain, Christopher Gallagher,
Russell Driscoll, John Teixeira
Board members not present:      (all present)
Staff present:                  Robert Iafrate, Building Commissioner/Planning Coordinator;
6:04 p.m. - 1555 New State Highway, Kia site plan:  Rebecca Baptista of Silva Engineering, Bridgewater, MA, appeared before the Board along with Rick Mastria, property owner.  Ms. Baptista explained that Mr. Mastria plans to convert the existing Meineke site to a Kia dealership.  Ms. Baptista submitted copies of a proposed site plan and explained the existing building footprint will be the same, drainage plans will be submitted and new sewer and water lines are planned to include the 81 Brookside Circle site.  

Mr. Mastria noted there will be a building addition constructed that will be under 1200 sq. ft.  Mr. Gallagher noted the adding of one service stall and additional pavement requires additional drainage.  
Mr. Fountain questioned if the site was small for a dealership.  Mr. Mastria said it depends on the franchise requirements and Kia has signed off on this site.  Mr. Andrade noted this will be a big improvement to the site.
Ms. Baptista explained they are adding a gravel area, adding a row of parking and no drainage will be towards Brookside Circle but 1555 New State Highway will give a water and sewer easement to 81 Brookside.
Ms. Baptista confirmed they were here tonight to get approval for an abbreviated site plan process.  Mr. Iafrate said he was okay with abbreviated but he will need time to digest the plan.  He asked if there was internal flow connecting this site to the adjacent dealership.  Mr. Mastria said yes.   Mr. Iafrate asked if the drainage should be reviewed by the Board’s engineer.  Mr. Andrade said yes although drainage is not usually needed with abbreviated site plan.  Ms. Baptista asked if ConCom can review the drainage instead of having it done by the Board’s outside consultant.  The Board agreed they would decide that tonight.
Ms. Baptista discussed they are putting in a retention system on site, with a retaining wall included.

There was discussion about the fact that this project provides an opportunity to help with Brookside Circle.  It was noted the plan now includes providing water and sewer only to Mr. Mastria’s property at 81 Brookside Circle.  Mr. Mastria noted he is under time constraints with Kia but saw this as an opportunity to do work on Brookside Circle.
Mr. Andrade asked Mr. Mastria to look at the future of Brookside Circle and whether or not there is anything happening to clean up the pavement or have drainage installed.  Mr. Andrade noted a plan modification would be needed to reduce pavement width and eliminate curbing and sidewalks.  Mr. Mastria noted he is doing the Kia plan with timeline issues but is not abandoning the Brookside plan.  

After discussion, Mr. Andrade moved and Mr. Driscoll seconded to allow abbreviated site plan for Kia.  Motion passed 5-0-0.  Mr. Andrade moved and Mr. Fountain seconded to have Mr. Etoniru of the Conservation Commission review the drainage.  Motion passed 5-0-0.
6:26 p.m. – Route 44 Toyota abbreviated site plan:  Brian Dunn, MBL Land Development, Raynham, MA, submitted four copies of the approved site plan for the Board to endorse.  He explained that the Town Clerk could not sign the plan today and asked if he could leave the plans for the Board to sign and forward along to the Town Clerk for her signature.  
The Board agreed to sign the plans after the meeting and take them to the Town Clerk’s office tomorrow for her signature.  Mr. Dunn will pick up the plans after the Town Clerk signs.

6:28 p.m. – Commerce Way Hotel site plan:  the public hearing was opened.  Mr. Driscoll read the hearing notice.  Thomas Michalak, P.E., Beals and Thomas, appeared before the Board on behalf of applicant Ankur Patel, Pioneer Management, Inc.   Mr. Patel was also present.  Project review letter dated October 12, 2017, was received from Nitsch Engineering.

Mr. Michalak explained the proposed plan:  four-story, 83-room extended stay hotel; two entrances off Commerce Way; the design is driven by Conservation Commission concerns; location is near the lower end of the Rte. 44 Wal Mart site; the plan is tying in with the Raynham Woods master plan; sewer stubs are available for connection; the topography necessitates a retaining wall at the rear of the site; runoff will flow to catch basins; there will be a subsurface system for roof runoff.

Mr. Andrade discussed the area shown as wetlands, noting it seems more like an isolated land subject to flooding since the area looks like a “dead piece” and is not being fed by anything.  Mr. Gallagher agreed, noting the area may be marked that way on the original Raynham Woods plan.  Mr. Michalak said the piece was recently categorized as Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  

Mr. Michalak discussed the drainage:  groundwater recharge provided; no hydro analysis done as they are relying on the Raynham Woods master plan; Nitsch did not receive all that information but the Conservation Commission has it.  Mr. Andrade asked if the last plan submitted for the park provided drainage calcs.  Mr. Iafrate said there are calcs.  

Mr. Gallagher discussed that the park was designed so all the lots could be built out and anything being provided now is above and beyond.  He discussed the bridge and culvert work done on Hill Street.  Dan Aguiar, P.E., Sitec, Inc., was present and confirmed work was done.

Mr. Andrade asked if anyone was present for the Commerce Way hotel plan.  No one responded.

Mr. Gallagher noted Nitsch Engineering had no major issues.   Mr. Iafrate said a building elevation plan is needed.  

Mr. Michalak said he met with John Noblin of the Raynham Woods Association and they are generally okay with the plan.   Mr. Patel said he met with Mr. Noblin a few times to show the plans, and a few waivers from Raynham Woods Association are needed so he will be meeting again with them to discuss.

Mr. Andrade noted Nitsch Engineering stated more information is needed on the plan.  Mr. Iafrate said building renderings are needed; letter from Raynham Woods Association is needed; sign locations need to be put on the plan; the fire department wants a 24 ft. to 28 ft. access opening with a clear 28 ft. throat access.  It was noted there will be granite curbing at the radii per the Nitsch comment letter, and interior site curbing will be pre-cast concrete.

Snow removal was discussed.  Mr. Michalak said they are limited because of the wetlands and are utilizing areas wherever they can.

Mr. Michalak discussed the parking areas shown on the plan, noting some parking relief is needed from Raynham Woods also.  Mr. Fountain stated that bollards are needed if there is parking near windows and doors.  Mr. Andrade noted wheel stops may also be needed near walkways.  Mr. Michalak was okay with both.

Mr. Iafrate requested an engineered retaining wall plan to show structural design if the wall is over four feet high.  Mr. Michalak said it is over four feet.  Mr. Andrade said the retaining wall block company will have stamped plans.  Mr. Michalak said he understood but they have not contracted the retaining wall yet.  Mr. Iafrate said they can wait until the building permit process if a contractor is not yet determined.  Mr. Andrade said they can make this a condition of approval.

Mr. Iafrate asked about a lighting plan.  Mr. Andrade suggested the lighting company should be able to provide a plan free to the applicant.

It was noted there was letter dated October 13, 2017, received from the Board of Sewer Commissioners.

Mr. Patel discussed that he does not yet have elevation sketches or architectural plans of the building.  Mr. Andrade said the Planning Board does not need the exact plans but does want to see the look of the building so a representation is okay.

It was agreed to continue the public hearing to November 2, 2017, at 6:15 p.m.

General Business:  Mr. Andrade informed that there are baskets that are filled with toy soldiers available in Town Hall for those who want to take a few home to honor the military.

6:57 p.m. – Orchard Ave Extension subdivision plan:  Daniel Aguiar, P.E., Sitec, Inc., appeared before the Board on behalf of Hamlin Realty LLC.  Letter dated October 16, 2017, was received from Raynham Board of Sewer Commissioners regarding sewer department fees.

Mr. Aguiar noted since the last meeting he has redesigned the plan with a cul-de-sac and with a Y-shaped roadway layout for the two lots.  Crushed stone has been added inside the Y area for snow storage; driveway lanterns are planned for demarcation of the driveways and a small sign or address boulder can be added for the houses; a line has been added for the “no-touch, no-activity” area so no tree cutting can be done in order to protect the abutter’s privacy; a few street trees have been moved on the left side for additional screening.  Mr. Aguiar noted the geometric building square was not changed on the plan as Mr. Castignetti of Long Built Homes did not believe it was against zoning.  

Mr. Aguiar informed that they have contacted the water department and the applicant will be installing two-inch water lines as part of the plan.  

Copy of E-mail dated October 19, 2017, from Highway Superintendent Ed Buckley was received.  Copy was given to Mr. Aguiar.  Mr. Buckley’s comments were discussed.  It was noted item No. 1 does not fit with the plan.  Also noted there is a no-touch zone that can control runoff.  The water main line will be located outside of the roadway asphalt and there is existing sewer line.  It was agreed no Cape Cod berm will be added to the road because it will be detrimental to the water flow, and the goal of the plan is to not add water to the area.  

It was agreed that deed restrictions are needed for the no-touch area, and also agreed that the lamp posts being installed should be cemented into the ground.  

Mr. Iafrate said the fire department is okay with the plan.  He noted he talked to Ed Buckley at 4:30 this afternoon and Mr. Buckley is concerned with who will re-level the roadway if damaged during snow removal.  Mr. Aguiar said the homeowners’ association will if the damage is not on the Town’s section of road.  It was noted the gravel area, which is not on the Town layout, was added to the plan to help with snow removal and storage.  Mr. Aguiar stated if the road is private, an easement will be given to the Town for snowplowing.

Elaine Kyrokas, abutter, noted the Town plows the road and the snow is left at the end of the pavement.  She asked who owns this new section of the road.  Mr. Aguiar showed on the plan where the Town-owned section ends.  Mr. Andrade said the Town will be plowing an additional 100 feet of the road if this plan is approved.  Ms. Kyrokas expressed concerns with the woods by the easement area being protected and with water.  Mr. Andrade said there should be no disturbance by the plan but to call the Building Inspector if she sees problems with water runoff.  

Beverly Vargas informed the Board her property has had water in the past, is better now, but she is concerned that all water will be going into the wetlands that are in the back of her property.  Mr. Aguiar explained the water will not be increasing.  He explained there will be underground recharge area for roof drains, and the new lawn area that is being created will balance out with the driveway impervious areas.

Ms. Kyrokas noted the street is ripped up right now and asked who will repair or install new pipes.  Mr. Andrade explained the applicant is working with the water department but the situation now  was not caused by him.  He suggested contacting the water department with concerns.

It was noted that several abutter names on the plan are outdated.  Mr. Aguiar will correct.

The Board discussed that the plan needs: “no-touch” zone added; bounds added; deed restrictions for Parcel 1; easements for road layout conveyed to the Town for access and maintenance; no cross easements lot individual lots needed; the granite lamp posts are to be cemented in; the intersection of driveways and radii is as shown on the plan.  

It was noted the address of the new houses will be up to the police 911 system.  Mr. Iafrate thought they would keep the Orchard Ave address but he will consult with the police.  

It was agreed the applicant will prepare a draft Certificate of Action.

Mr. Aguiar asked if Mr. Buckley’s letter is of concern.  Mr. Andrade said no, the issues have been addressed.     

Mr. Gallagher moved to approve the subdivision plan “Orchard Avenue Extension Definitive Subdivision Plan of Land Located in Raynham, MA, prepared for Hamlin Realty LLC, by Sitec, Inc., Dartmouth, MA, dated April 14, 2017, revised September 7, October 5, and October 17, 2017; second Mr. Driscoll.  Mr. Fountain stated approval is subject to later discussion of waivers.  Motion passed 5-0-0.

Mr. Gallagher moved to approve waiver requests for Section 6.0-Environmental Impact Statement; Section 7.0-Definitive Plan; Section 8.0-Design Standards; and, Section 9.0-Construction of Ways and Installation of Utilities, all as shown on the front sheet of the plan; second by Mr. Driscoll.  Motion passed 5-0-0.

General Business:   

  • Mr. Fountain moved to waive the reading and approve the minutes of October 5, 2017; second Mr. Teixeira.  Motion passed 5-0-0.  
  • Invoices were signed.
  • No correspondence was received.  
Planner Update:

  • Mr. Iafrate informed the Board he received a hearing notice from Bridgewater regarding a by-law amendment for a marijuana moratorium.
  • Mr. Iafrate has gathered much information on Route 138 and had a very informative meeting with Grant King at SRPEDD.  The Rte. 138 committee will be meeting next Tuesday.
  • No activity on the traffic lights at Center Street and Rte. 138.
SRPEDD Update:

  • Mr. Teixeira cannot attend the next meeting and would appreciate if another Board member could go.  It was agreed Mr. Teixeira will contact the Selectmen’s representative to see if she can attend.
General Business:  

  • Mr. Fountain noted the Rte. 104 sign that was facing the wrong direction has not been fixed yet.  Mr. Iafrate informed that he contacted the Highway Department and they will contact the State because it is a State road.
  • Mr. Fountain noted the thinks the lights from Rte. 44 Mazda are spilling onto the road.  Mr. Iafrate said renovations were done to the building and the sign but not to the lights.  Mr. Andrade will find out if new lights were installed.
  • Mr. Teixeira noted he thinks there are more lights at the American Legion site and suggested Mr. Iafrate drive by to check it out.
There was no further business.  Mr. Andrade moved to adjourn; second Mr. Teixeira.  The meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Driscoll, Clerk

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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