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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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Requirements, Procedures and Fees
Requirements, Procedures and Fees for the Planning,
Design and Construction of Sewerage Facilities


        These policies have been adopted by the Board of Sewer Commissioners to establish a basic framework for the administration of sewerage development project proposals by private developers in the Town, to provide for the conceptual and technical reviews of such proposals, and to establish a system for fee assessments at key points of project development.

Pre-Application Phase

        All proposals for the development of new or improved sewerage facilities in the Town by private developers should be submitted in preliminary form to the Board for review and comment prior to the preparation of detailed plans and specifications for the project. This pre-application submittal should be made on the basis of the following guidelines:

1. The pre-application submittal must be made prior to the first day of the month in which the Board will review the proposal.

2. The Board on a monthly basis will review pre-application submittals. The Board's goal will be to provide a response to the submittal prior to the end of the review month.

3. The sewerage developer must submit five (5) complete copies of their pre-application package to the Board.

4. The pre-application package shall, as a minimum, consist of the following:

a. Narrative describing the project, the purpose of the project, its relationship to the existing sewer system and a tabulation of all sewage flows proposed to be handled by the system. Documentation of the proposed project design criteria shall be provided.

b. A locus map of the project.

c. A generalized project site map showing the preliminary layout, size, capacities and orientation of all proposed facilities.

d. An estimated project schedule.

e. The status of the project with respect to all other permits or reviews required (Planning Board, Zoning, Conservation Commission, Raynham Center ~Water District, DEQE, etc.).

        Incomplete submittals or those offering insufficient description of the project may be rejected without further review or comment.

        This pre-application submittal is required by the Board in addition to any and all other plan review submittal requirements of the Town of Raynham. The developer is encouraged to make this pre-application submittal in a timely manner and in advance of preparing detailed planning/design documents for the project.

        The purpose of the pre-application submittal review is to provide the Board with an opportunity to review the potential for ultimate approval of the overall project, assess the project's relationship to the Town's Sewer Master Plan and other sewerage needs in the community and to identify at an early stage in the project items of concern or areas where the project is inconsistent with the Board's plans and goals for Town sewerage development.

Project Design

        Having completed the pre-application phase to his satisfaction, the developer may proceed with the final planning, detailed layout and design of the proposed sewerage facilities. Plans should be prepared on standard 36" x 24" plan sheets and must be prepared in sufficient detail, and with sufficient specifications, to allow the project to be fully constructed, tested and made ready for service, utilizing such documents.

        The design shall be fully consistent with good modern sanitary engineering practice, shall be consistent in all respects with the standards and conditions of the existing Town system and shall be prepared and stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer.

Application for Sewer Plan Approval

        Upon completion of the final construction plans for the proposed new sewerage facilities, the developer may make application to the Board for approval of such plans. The application package shall consist, as a minimum, of the following:

1. Formal letter documenting the project and request for approval of construction documents.

2. Presentation of all basis for design and design criteria.

3. Complete construction plans and specifications (plans, detailed specifications, boring data, etc.).

4. Inspection and testing procedures for all facilities to be constructed.

5. At least five (5) complete sets of the application package must be submitted.

        The Board will require a period of approximately six (6) weeks to complete a review of the submittal.

        All documents must be prepared in accordance with good, modern sanitary engineering practice and be approved by a Registered Professional Engineer.

        Incomplete or significantly deficient submittals may be rejected outright, without further comment.

Fees For Application for Sewer Plan Approval

        The Board may, from time to time, establish a reasonable fee for the review and consideration of applications for Sewer Plan Approval. Such a fee shall accompany the Application for Sewer Plan Approval.

        The current Application Fee is $500.00.

        In addition to the basic Application Fee, the applicant (developer) shall reimburse the Board for all expenses incurred in completing its review of the sewerage facility plans. Such expenses shall include, but not be limited to, those for the services of an Engineering Consultant, as required, to conduct a technical review of the plans and specifications.

        It is to be recognized that such fees for professional services as necessary to assist the Board in its review may vary significantly depending upon the type, complexity and size of the proposed project, the condition of the plans and specifications upon submittal and the Applicant's utilization of pre-application phase comments presented by the Board.

Application for Sewerage Facility Construction

        Prior to initiating construction on any sewerage facilities in the Town of Raynham, the developer shall request the approval of the Board to proceed with the project. The application package shall consist, as a minimum, of the following:

1. Reference to a Sewer Plan approved by the Board within the last 3 years and on file with the Board. Plan approvals more than 3 years old shall be considered to have expired.
2. Approved plans that have undergone minor revisions since approval must be submitted with the application package, with all such revisions clearly noted. Upon review the Board may accept or reject the revisions to the approved plans or may require the filing of a new Application for Sewer Plan Approval.
3. Construction schedule for the project indicating projected construction progress and providing for the testing, initiation of operation, etc. of all system components.

4. Documentation of prior approval of all the permits, etc. required for the project (Planning Board, Conservation Commission, DEQE, etc.).

        Upon determining that the project has been fully permitted and is ready to proceed, the Board will issue a letter authorizing the initiation of construction on the project.

Fees For Application for Sewer Construction Approval

        The Board shall establish fees for the Application for Sewer Construction from time to time. ~The intent of such fees is to cover potential costs by the Board for Town personnel to oversee and inspect the construction phase of the project. The current fee schedule is as follows: (See Fee Schedule)

        The developer shall, in addition to the above standard fees, reimburse the Board for all direct costs associated with the services of the Board's Consulting Engineer, as required to properly and satisfactorily oversee the construction of the project.

Subdivision Project Connection Fees

        All new sewerage facility projects serving subdivisions to be constructed and connected into the existing sewer system in the Town of Raynham shall be charged a sewer connection fee. ~The intent of such fees is to allow the Town to recover a
portion of the sunk costs in all existing downstream facilities previously provided at public expense.

        The fee for pumping station connections is intended to offset facility operation and maintenance costs during the early years of operation. Payment is intended to be received as an annuity that will provide an annual income to the Town for facility O & M for a period of 10 years.

        The connection fees shall be based on a fee schedule to be established from time to time by the Board. The current fee schedule is as follows: (See Fee Schedule).

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