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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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TIF Board Minutes 3-10-05
Tax Increment Finance Committee                 Meeting – March 10, 2005

Chairman Gordon Luciano called the regular meeting of the Tax Increment Finance Committee to order at 5:00pm.

Present were Gordon Luciano, Linda King, Carl Carlson, Raymond Platt, and Richard McCarthy.

Mr. Platt motioned and Mr. Carlson seconded to accept the minutes of the February 24, 2005               meeting with the following amendment:  Page 2, paragraph 2 - Mr. Platt informed all that Baron Brothers maybe interested in moving their furniture showroom to Raynham and may be interested in a TIF Agreement.  Mr. Lewis will contact accordingly.  The vote made it unanimous.

Mr. Luciano presented Committee members will copies of the Inspectors General Report.

Mr. Luciano informed the Committee that a request from C.H. Babb Company was received regarding postponing their meeting scheduled for today.  Mr. Platt motioned and Mrs. King seconded to reschedule and place on the agenda for the next TIF Meeting, C.H. Babb Company.  The vote made it unanimous.
Mr. Platt motioned and Mrs. King seconded to schedule the next TIF Meeting for March 24, 2005.
The vote made it unanimous.

Mr. McCarthy discussed with the Committee the change in dates regarding Schwan Home Service.

Discussion was made regarding billing of funds from any given company giving back TIF to the Town of Raynham.

5:35pm-Welter Primary Care Associates.  Present was Dr. Welter who explained to the Committee the proposed site.  Dr. Welter informed that the proposed building worth is approximately $6M.  The facility would be equipped for primary care, urgent/walk-in care and lab facilities.  Dr. Welter explained that the facility within 5 years would occupy offices for eye health, obstetric, and dermatology.  Mr. Carlson commented on the need of a facility for primary/urgent care and what an extremely huge benefit it would be for Raynham.  Mr. Platt questioned the number of employees.  
Mr. Welter informed that there would be approximately 4-6 full-time doctors, 1.4 assistants per doctor, 2 office personnel per doctor/assistant, 1 lab technician, and 1 office manager.  Mr. Platt also questioned the time frame for the obstetrics, dermatology, and x-ray portion of the facility.  Mr. Welter stated that the entire facility could be equipped with all the proposed facilities within five years.  Mr. Luciano informed that the Committee would need to receive the proposal for the TIF Agreement prior to the next TIF meeting of March 24, 2005.
Mr. Platt motioned and Mrs. King seconded to continue the meeting till March 24, 2005.  The vote made it unanimous.

All Committee members reviewed the existing by-laws and recommended changes.

Mr. Luciano reminded all Committee Members that the Guidelines also need to be reviewed and recommendations for changes are forward to Mr. McCarthy at their convenience.

6:17pm - Mr. Platt motioned and Mrs. King seconded to Adjourn.  The vote made it unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn M. Caradonna
Recording Secretary

Town of Raynham 558 South Main St., Raynham, MA 02767
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