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Raynham, Massachusetts.  Incorporated 1731

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minutes 1 22 07

Rt. 138 Zoning Study Sub-Committee

Final Minutes for the Raynham Route 138 Zoning Committee Meeting on
JANUARY 22, 2007

The meeting of the Raynham Route 138 Zoning Study Committee was called to order at 5:17pm.

Economic & Business Development Commission Present:
                  Joseph Pacheco

Staff present:  Erika Ueberbacher-Conservation Agent
                  Richard McCarthy-Town Planner
                  Rod Palmer-Building Commissioner

SRPEDD Present:  
  Greg Guimond

Members Present:  
  Joseph Pacheco-Chairmen

Voting Members Present:  
  Frank Rozenas
                  Lou Bousquet
                  Harry Carey
                  Tony Ghelfi
                  Antonio Macedo
                  Carla McRae

The Meeting of the Raynham Route 138 Zoning Study Committee was closed at 6:15pm

I – Town Report Reviewed
   Mr. Pacheco stated that members were forwarded a copy of the Town Report via e-
   mail.  Mr. Palmer concurred with the report.
II –  Update of new calendar including meeting cancellations for 1/29/07 and 3/5/07
    Committee members were presented with an updated calendar of meeting dates for
    February 5, 2007 through June 18, 2007.  Committee members also received a copy of
    the approved Town Warrant for the Special Town Meeting on January 29, 2007.

III – Update on grants from Richard McCarthy

  Mr. McCarthy stated, that at present, there are no grants available.  Mr. Guimond,    
   SRPEDD, stated that a grant for Permit Expediting is available.

IV – SRPEDD contract discussion and recommendations

   Mr. McCarthy updated all of an Article on the Warrant to appropriate funds received from    
    Mr. Andrade on a settlement for a site plan.  The funds Mr. McCarthy stated were
   initially slated to be used for traffic improvements.  He also stated that the Planning Board
    approved the change for the funds to be used for zoning.  Carla McRae motioned and
    Mr. Macedo seconded to be in favor of the use as approved on Article 18 on the Town
    Warrant.    The vote made it unanimous.

V – Rt. 138/495 Intersection Construction Project Report

   Mr. Pacheco supplied a design plan of the project.  He stated that the project
    does have isolated lanes both North and South bound and there is a wheel chair ramp.  
    He also stated that the project design is projected to be complete by September 2007
    and the project is to be programmed in the TIP for FY08 for funding.  He stated
    that the time frame from start to finish would be approximately 14-18 months
   Mr. Palmer asked what, if any, are the significant changes to the plan than what
is on the plan at present.  Mr. McCarthy stated that the width of the lanes and a   
 curve could to be shortened.  Members discussed the synchronization of the traffic
 lights.  Committee members discussed crosswalks on Rt. 138.  Members discussed   
 the undertaking of the project design by Wal-Mart in the near future.  Erika Ueberbacher stated that comments were made at the meeting regarding the length of sidewalks.  

VI – Draft revisions to Designated Development District 6.9 Zoning By Laws

   Mr. McCarthy stated of modification made to the draft regarding General Provisions;
    Height Limitations-as for a possible future hotel; Accessory Uses and Structures; and
    Office/Bank-with a limitation for square footage.   Mr. McCarthy also included Specialty
    Retail and Commercial.  He stated that the Committee should go back and take   
    a closer look at the Office/Bank definition as for the square foot use.  Mr. McCarthy said
    that acreage was removed.  Mr. Carey inquired as to the possible expansion of the Dog
    Track  (slots) and asked if any of these definitions would effect them.  Mr. McCarthy said
    it would to a certain extent as they would have to apply for a special permit for the
    expansion.  Mr. Macheco commented that the addition of slots for the Dog Track would
    be more so an expansion of the existing business.  Committee members discussed future
    modification of the definitions regarding a business with slots.  Mr. Pacheco stated all
    that the Legislation must vote on the Bill regarding slots, but it would come back to the
    Town for an approval vote under the Hometown Rule.  

VII – Presentation to Planning Board

   Frank Rozenas inquired as to the general goods under Specialty Retail.  Mr. Palmer
    commented on the definition as to Specialty Retail where as the wording would apply to a
    Specialty business.  Committee members discussed an existing business that does
    packaging along with service of a different nature.   Mr. Carey motioned and Mr. Machedo
   seconded to approve the presentation to the Planning Board on January 25, 2007 of the
    Designated Development District 6.9 Raynham Zoning Bylaws with pending modifications
    for Specially Goods.  The vote made it unanimous.

VIII – Committee member updates

  Mr. McCarthy said that they would like to move forward with the signing of the contract with
   SRPEDD on Mixed Use Zoning.   Mr. McCarthy discussed with Greg Guidmond timing for
   the May Town Meeting.  Erika stated that if Planning Board approves with minimum
   changes then we could make the Town Meeting date for May unless a Special is called for.
  Mr. McCarthy said that he would supply a highlighted map of topic areas for the
   February 5th meeting.  He also stated that a portion of Prospect Hill would
   need to be rezoned as Park & Forest.

IX – Community Input

  No community input at this time.

THE MEETING CLOSED AT 6:15pm; reconvene February 5, 2007.

Mr. Carey motioned and Mr. Bousquet seconded to adjourn.  The vote made it unanimous.

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