Selectmens Meeting Minutes 05/29/2018

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Board of Selectmen                                                                                                                    May 29, 2018

Chairman Marie Smith called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Present were Joseph Pacheco, Marie Smith and Patricia Riley.


Mrs. Smith opened the meeting with our Pledge of Allegiance, followed with a moment of silence for our past and present service members. 


Acceptance of the Minutes

Ms. Riley made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meetings as printed, Mr. Pacheco seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 

New Business


Bridgewater-Raynham’s TJ2 Robotics Team was present to receive a proclamation.  Mr. Pacheco congratulated all the members of the team and said how impressed the Board was with all their accomplishments.  Ms. Riley offered some background information on the team.  This is the 23rd year of the TJ2 team and this year there were 55 students and 4 adults involved and includes grades 9 – 12 and the class of 2018 had 7 students, the class of 2019 had 9, the class of 2020 had 16, and the class of 2021 had 13, there were 19 students from Raynham and 36 students from Bridgewater.  The team was founded by Liz Caleb in 1995 and the first competition was in 1996.  The team won the S. E. Mass. Regional Event and the WPI and was one of the top 34 teams to travel to Detroit to compete in the World Championship and placed 23rd in the World Championship.  They have won a total of 9 Blue Banners.  Mrs. Smith read the Proclamation proclaiming May 29th as Bridgewater Raynham TJ2 Robotics Team Day in the Town of Raynham. 


Class II Dealers License – Prestige Auto Mart, Inc. dba Prestige Pre-Owned Outlet, 1440 New State Highway

Mr. Manual Sarmento, representing Prestige Auto Mart said they will only sell used cars.  Mr. Pacheco said that loading and unloading vehicles on Rt. 44 is prohibited and could result in revocation of your license.  Mr. Sarmento said, there is plenty of room in the parking lot to do that.  He said they have three other locations, one in Taunton.  Mr. Pacheco made a motion to approve, Ms. Riley seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 


Lucini Bus Lines Contract

Ms. Riley said about three years ago, the Town entered into an agreement with Lucini Bus Lines to park three school buses at the old South School.  The need for the buses to park there arose from the length of time it took to get across the Rt. 44 intersection and the buses couldn’t complete their routes on time.  The lease expires on June 30th and now the situation no longer exists with the new traffic signals and South School has become an active community center.  Since the original need has diminished, it does not seem to be in the best interest of the Town to continue with this agreement.  Therefore, action was taken in Executive Session, a motion was made and approved, to notify Lucini Bus Lines that we will not be renewing the contract.   Mr. Pacheco added, that vote was not unanimous. 


Town Administrator’s Report

Mr. Flaherty reviewed the Town Administrator’s Report. 

The windows and cameras are finished at the North School; there are minor interior door security and Archive Room that should be done and ready for transfer of archives. 

Mr. Flaherty, as Acting Health Agent, performed two Public Swimming Pool Opening Inspections, and follow up on one Chapter II Housing.

Raycam needs another Board Member, please contact Kevin Ellis, if interested.  Raynham Historical Society needs 2 more members please contact Pat Riley, contact info can be obtained at the Selectmen’s Office. 

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on June 12th at 7:00 p.m. as the Board is observing the summer schedule. 

The next Dept. Head Meeting will be held on June 21st at 9:30 a.m.

The SMHG Meeting in May 30th in Seekonk. 

Student Government Day will be held on Thursday, May 31st at 9:00 a.m.


Selectmen’s Report


Mr. Pacheco wanted to extend his gratitude to all that worked on the Parade this year, it was a great success. 


Ms. Riley wanted to thank the Highway Dept. for putting the large flags up for the Memorial Day Commemoration and the Fire Dept. for taking them down and everyone who donated funds to purchase them.  She wanted to thank Macaila Britto, Lowe’s volunteers, and RAVE volunteers who assisted lining the streets with the small flags as well as Mr. Paul Monti who donated them to the Town.  She also wanted to thank Sandy Leahy, Becky George, Kim Dolan, Becky Mello, Lisa, and Karen Peters, the Fire & Police Department, Ret. Chief Peter King, and the CERT division and everyone who participated in making the event wonderful. 

The Bridgewater Raynham School Committee is closing the year in the black and realizing some significant savings.  The Mitchell School project is on tract and the last day of school has officially been set for June 20th.  RAVE appreciation will take place this Friday with a luncheon at Merrill School. 

Ms. Riley said, when Mr. Buckner retired last year, the position was not posted or advertised and our Health Agent, Mr. Flaherty was asked to fill the position for one year as acting Town Administrator which he has been doing, as we are certainly grateful for that.  With that one year completed on June 30th I believe this Board should move forward with agreeing on a job description and going forward with advertising the position.  I would ask that this be taken under advisement and finalize a job description at the next meeting. 

Mr. Pacheco said, I’m a little confused, are we talking about not moving forward with Mr. Flaherty?  Because my recollection is when we did our department head contracts in March, his contract was one of the ones that got approved so he’s under contract through next June. 

Ms. Riley said, as far as Mr. Flaherty is concerned he can apply for the position, and he may very well be the candidate that’s selected.  But, I think in a fair process we really need to advertise the position and insure the Town residents we have selected the most qualified person for the position. 

Mrs. Smith said, I would like to go back to the minutes, Joe, when we did that, I believe it was in March.  Mr. Pacheco said, I believe that all the contracts were signed except for one which was the Police Chief’s.  Ms. Riley made a motion to table the matter until the next meeting, Mr. Pacheco seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 




A Tag Day request was received from Cheer Legacy for selected days during the month of December.  Mr. Pacheco made a motion to approve, Ms. Riley seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 


A Tag Day request was received from the House of Hope in New Bedford for, June 4th, 7th, 13th, 14th & 21st.    Mr. Pacheco made a motion to approve, Ms. Riley seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 


Correspondence was received from the Sewer Commissioners, requesting the Board of Selectmen expedite the authorization of ballot question 2 ½ for debt exclusion for the Raynham Sewer Department.  Mr. Pacheco said, I spoke to the Town Clerk and it’s my understanding that we have to wait at least 35 days before setting an election and her other request is that it be on a Tuesday.  If it’s ok, I would motion to take it under advisement, and see if the Clerk has a particular date in mind, Ms. Riley seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous.  Mr. Joseph Bettencourt, Sewer Commissioner, was present to address the Board.  Mr. Bettencourt wanted to give an update of the progress in the Sewer Dept.  He said, some funds are available for South Raynham and they have proceeded to design Contract 1, of the Article 13 that passed at the recent Town Meeting.  The reason that he asked to expedite this, is they are hoping to put out to bid, so Contract 1 could be done during this construction period and be completed by the second week in December.  That requires the ballot sometime in July, and we have to award the contract thirty days after the opening of the bid.  Mrs. Smith said, unfortunately I don’t think that’s within our purview to do anything with.  That would be up to the Clerk.  Mr. Bettencourt said, she can’t start until you tell her, that’s what I was told.  Mr. Pacheco said we’ve always consulted with the Clerk as to what the date is.  I believe that we should take it under advisement and get a date from the Clerk and we set it at the next meeting. 


Correspondence was received from Animal Control regarding two dogs owned by Patrick Riley of Raynham.  Mr. Pacheco made a motion to set a hearing on June 12th, Ms. Riley seconded, and Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 


Mr. John Teixeira, of 122 First St., wanted to tell the Board that he and Mr. Iafrate will be attending a meeting at MassDOT to discuss the resurfacing of Rt. 138.  He will give the Board an update after the meeting. 


Ms. Riley said that she has discussed a schedule with Michael Heylen so that the Board of Selectmen’s meeting will appear every Tuesday beginning at 5:00 with the two prior meetings being televised, then at 7:00 the live meeting.  Then repeat those after. 


Michael Heylen was present to discuss the meeting schedule also and said it will play it again at 9:00 and 10:00 also. 




7:35 p.m. Ms. Riley motioned, and Mr. Pacheco seconded to adjourn for the performance of administrative duties, signing of Bills and Warrants with no business to be conducted afterwards.  Mrs. Smith made it unanimous. 

Respectively submitted,   


 Janet Murphy

 Recording Secretary