Board of Selectmen/Health

The Board of Selectmen/Health consists of three residents who are elected for three-year terms on a staggered basis from the community-at-large. The Selectmen also act as the Board of Health.


The Board of Selectmen/Health are the Chief Elected Officials of the Town-the executive branch of town government. Many duties befall the Selectmen among the most important being the power to appoint many of the Town’s department heads and various boards and committees. A list of the most important would include the Police and Fire Chiefs, Town Counsel, Highway Superintendent, Planner, Board of Appeals, Conservation Commissioners, Building Commissioner, Finance Committee members, the Town Administrator and Police Officers. Choosing the right people for these jobs, is as important as any duty the Selectmen have.

Here is a list of the other Boards and Commissions appointed by the Selectmen:

  • Cable Television Advisory Board
  • Capital Planning Committee (Two citizens)
  • Council on Aging
  • Cultural Council
  • Economic and Business Development Committee
  • Historical Commission
  • Mobile Home Rent Control Board
  • Open Space Committee
  • Recycling Committee
  • Registrars of Voters
  • SAVE Committee
  • School Planning and Building Committee
  • Solid Waste Committee

The Board is also the Licensing Authority for the Town. As such it is authorized to issue or deny a wide range of important licenses and permits including those for alcoholic beverage licenses, new and used car dealerships, entertainment licenses and gravel removal operations. The Board also makes and enforces local regulations for these businesses.

Other responsibilities of the Board would include the following:

  • Fiduciary responsibility for Town finances
  • Reviewing and approving weekly warrants for the payment of bills and payroll
  • Issuing warrants for the Annual Town Meeting and any Special Town Meetings required
  • Enforcing the Town's general by-laws
  • Implementing the will of the town legislative branch (the town meeting)
  • Adopting general administrative policies

Board Members

Patricia Riley


April 2024

Joseph Pacheco

Vice Chair

April 2025

Kenneth Collins


April 2026