**Reported COVID-19 Cases**


Confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Raynham as of 1/14/21: 981*

Confirmed cases from Long Term Care Facilities: 128

Confirmed cases within Raynham NOT associated with LTCF's: 853

Deaths reported from Long Term Care Facilities: 61

Deaths reported from within Raynham NOT associated with LTCF's: 9

Total recoveries reported: 706

Probable / Suspect cases reported: 84

*The total number of cases may be different than what is reflected on the weekly MDPH report. There have been several instances where outdated addresses were used as part of the laboratory reporting, but upon investigation it was discovered the case no longer resides in Raynham. These cases have been redirected to the proper LBOH for continued follow-up.

This number reflects positive cases reported to the Raynham Health Department by MDPH. This number does not reflect those who have tested positive, but have now recovered. The Raynham Health Department or the Community Tracing Collaborative is in contact with those who have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as anyone who is a reported suspected contact within Raynham and is on self-quarantine. In order to protect the resident’s medical privacy rights, no additional information can or will be disclosed by the Town.

Information regarding nursing homes / long term care facilities:

The State of Massachusetts DPH, Division of Health Care Faciality Licensure and Certification is the licensing and governing authority for nursing home and long-term care facilities. Anyone with questions or complaints regarding nursing / long term care facilities are asked to either call the Massachusetts Nursing Home Family Resource Line at (617) 660-5399 or the Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification Complaint Unit at (800) 462-5540.


The Raynham Health Department continues to follow MDPH and CDC guidance for patient surveillance and investigation.

Social distancing is strongly advised, wear a face covering at all times while in public, and please remember to use proper personal hygiene, especially hand washing.

If you think you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, call your physician or other healthcare provider ASAP.