Paint can be recycled from April to November, by appointment only.  If you have more paint than the limits detailed, you may bring it to the Hazardous Waste Day. Latex paint may be placed in the regular trash if it is completely dried up.

The Town of Raynham is pleased to sponsor a seasonal paint recycling program, open to Raynham residents by appointment only.

The paint program is currently closed for the season. The paint program will reopen in the spring.

Paints accepted

Latex Paint:

  • Interior and exterior latex paint
  • No unlabeled containers
  • 10 gallons limit/person

Oil Paint (Interior and exterior oil based alkyd paint):

  • No unlabeled containers
  • 5 gallon limit/person
  • No creosote


  • Stain, varnishes, lacquer, polyurethane
  • 3 gallon limit/person
  • No mixing stains/varnish
  • No creosote, wood preservatives or bleach

All other types of paints (including aerosol spray cans)  are hazardous waste, and we are unable to accept them during the paint program days.

NOTE: No packing in trash bags, no mixing paints, no unmarked or illegible containers, no aerosol cans.

The NEDT Collection Center operates as a "self-pay" or "pay-as-you-throw" disposal facility that is open year round. Click here for more information and pricing.