Triennial Reassessment FAQ's


State law requires all municipalities to assess all property uniformly at fair market value. Implementing a revaluation program will ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly.

How is my property assessed?

Properties are appraised based on what comparable properties are selling for in the community. With the assistance of an Independent Appraisal Company, the Assessors’ Office maintains data on all properties in the community and implements procedures to appraise properties at fair market value.

Will someone be inspecting my house?

No, not for the revaluation program. The Assessors Office works on a continual yearly basis inspecting, measuring and listing all residential properties in Town. This inspection is a recollection of all physical property data in order to maintain data quality and meets the cyclical reinspection requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

How will I find out what my new assessment is?

The actual tax bill mailed to you at the end of December reflects the assessed value, current tax rate and annual taxes. The assessment of your house can change due to inflation and other normal factors that impact the real estate market. The assessed value reflects the changes in the real estate market from the time it was last valued.

If my assessment increases will my property taxes increase?

Higher property assessments do not cause higher taxes. The total municipal budget determines the money to be raised from property taxes. The tax rate may stay the same or even decrease because of the overall increase in the total value of the community. Your tax bill is based on the spending of the Town. An increase in the assessed value does not necessarily cause an increase in taxes. Your tax bill is a direct result of the Town’s budget.

If assessments increase and the tax rate stays about the same, why don’t we leave the assessment the same?

The objective of a revaluation program is to ensure that everyone’s assessment if fair and accurate. If all property is assessed at its market value, individual taxpayers will be assured that they pay only their fair share of the tax burden.

Can I review my annual property assessment with someone after receiving the bill?

Yes. After the values are finalized you may access one of the reports we have available in our office. You may review the data and assessed values on all property in town if you wish. The office staff is available to offer assistance and explanations. You may also file an abatement application that will trigger a review by the Board of Assessors. Abatement applications must be filed on or before February 1st.