SAVE Committee

SAVE Program 2018

Senior Association Volunteer Experience

The SAVE program allows Raynham residents age 60 and older to earn real estate tax credit up to $1,000 per household, based on fulfilling 100 hours of jobs/assignments at $10 per hour. All jobs/assignments must be completed between January 15 and December 15 of the year.


To employ qualified seniors who will apply the earnings towards the payment of property taxes

To enhance municipal services of the Town of Raynham by using the skills of seniors

To increase senior involvement in local government


60 years of age or older and homeowner and/or current spouse (up to $1000 per family or $500 each)

Own and occupy the property for which taxes are paid to the Town of Raynham

Tax bill must include SAVE candidate’s name

Candidate must be current with property tax payments


Job openings may be available in all municipal departments and/or committees of the Town of Raynham

Jobs assigned based on qualifications, availability, location, transportation and physical limitation

SAVE jobs are not budgeted positions


  1. Fill out the attached application and return to the Raynham Senior Center, 2215 King Philip Street, Raynham, MA 02767 or send to
  2. If you are selected by a department or a committee to fill a job, the department must keep track of the hours on a work log (provided to them with the site request form).
  3. When you have completed 100 hours at the job, the department head will sign the application certifying the senior’s completion of 100 hours on both the work log and the Application for Senior Tax Exemption.

Filling out an application does not guarantee a job/position.

You must fill out federally required tax documents with the Office of the Treasurer/Collector as soon as you are chosen for a job/assignment.

Money earned through the SAVE program is reportable income for federal taxes only. Participants will receive a W-2 form for the amount of money earned through the program.

Committee Members

Name Title
Barbara Gallagher Member (June 2022)
John Texiera Member (June 2022)