Treasurer/Tax Collector

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for many of the town's financial functions including employee payroll, vendor bills, tax title and short and long term borrowing for debt.

The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for the printing, mailing and collecting of the Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Excise, Boat Excise and Sewer Usage Bills. Guidelines for the proper collection procedures is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and must be adhered to. Therefore, it is the duty of the Tax Collector to be aware of any and all changes in by-laws as they relate to the collection procedures.

This office must also be prepared to supply information to taxpayers regarding bills and explain various phases of the taxation process which may be unclear to the individual. Since most of the data in the office is public record, information must be provided when requested in accordance with the law.

The operation of the Town Government is a team effort and this office works in close coordination with the Assessor's and Accounting Offices.

All questions regarding Registry of Motor Vehicles flags should be directed to the Deputy's Office at (508) 478-1218.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jessica Thomas Treasurer/Collector - CMMT 508-824-2702
Patti Ellis, CMMAT/CMMAC Assistant Treasurer / Collector (508) 824-2702
Gail Cerep Senior Clerk (508) 824-2702
Andrea Hudson Senior Clerk (508) 824-2702