Snow and Ice Removal

Residents can help the Town during a snowstorm by observing the following guidelines and by-laws:

  1. If snow is called for, please do not park on the street. Parking is prohibited upon the streets of the Town of Raynham at times when a snowstorm occurs.
  2. Remain off the streets during snow storms unless absolutely necessary. If you must drive during a snow storm, drive slowly and carefully.
  3. Do not allow children to play in the snow near the edge of roads, or sled into the roadway.
  4. Do not push snow into/across roads or sidewalks. Depositing snow on a Town roadway or sidewalk is prohibited and violators will be fined.
  5. Don't crowd the plow. Leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows. Stay back at least 200 feet and don't pass on the right.


Following snowplow operations on our streets, sidewalk plowing in the school zones will begin.

Sidewalks in residential subdivisions will not be plowed at all by the Town, regardless of the amount of snow on the sidewalk.

Damage to objects in the road layout

During snowplow operations, some mailboxes, fences and other objects in the road layout may be damaged. Most of the damage is caused by the weight of the snow coming off the plow and hitting the object.

It is uncommon for a plow to physically strike an object, but it does happen occasionally. The Town is not responsible for any damage to objects located in the road layout that occurs during snow removal operations.

(Town of Raynham By-Law, Section 2/33, adopted May 17, 2004)

An additional obstacle to snow and ice operations are basketball hoops placed in Town road layouts. In the event that a basketball hoop damages a Town vehicle, the owner of the basketball hoop will be held responsible for the damage to the vehicle. Residents are reminded not to place rubbish barrels or bags by the roadway or sidewalk until after snow removal operations are completed.

The Raynham Highway Department will not be responsible for damage or cleanup of rubbish left in the road or sidewalk during snow removal operations.

  • If there is a hazardous snow, ice, or any other emergent condition, please call the Raynham Police Department at (508) 824-2717.
  • If you have a non-emergent concern you would like to Highway Department to address, please contact Courtney Saunders, or call (508) 824-2718.

The Town of Raynham Highway Department is committed to providing the residents of Raynham with reliable snow and ice removal services in an efficient manner. With your support, we will all benefit during a snowstorm!

If you have any questions concerning the snow and ice operations, please call the Raynham Highway Department at (508) 824-2718 or email Courtney Saunders, and we will assist you.

Please do not email about emergencies. IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, CALL THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT (508) 824-2717.