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    The Senior Center is still helping to find appointments. Call us at 508-824-2740 and we will help you find and book a vaccine appointment.
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Please remember... We are still available at 508-824-2740 to help people sign up for vaccines. If you know someone who is not comfortable using the computer to book appointments, please tell them to call us at the number listed. We will seek appointments for you at sites including pharmacies.


Homebound vaccinations

April 12, 2021

The Raynham Board of Health, with assistance from the Raynham Fire Department, has begun vaccinating Raynham residents who are homebound. As part of this process the Raynham Board of Health has been compiling a list of names of eligible homebound individuals who reside in the Town of Raynham who need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at home. The Raynham Board of Health will continue to take names of eligible homebound individuals until noon on April 16, 2021. This program is strictly for individuals who cannot leave their home or otherwise have severe mobility restrictions. Individuals who are eligible must:

Not be able to travel to a vaccination clinic or site (physical restrictions for sitting in a vehicle and significant difficulty ambulating at the clinic site).

Not reside in a nursing facility or rest home.

Not be temporarily homebound (would be able to get to a vaccination clinic in a few weeks).

Not be capable of leaving home for routine medical appointments without assistance from at least 2 people or an ambulance.

If you or someone you know meets this eligibility, please call the Raynham Board of Health office at (508) 824-2766.

Notice of Aerial Larval Mosquito Control Application

Notice from Town of Raynham

POSTED ON: APRIL 12, 2021 - 9:49AM

April 12, 2021

Notice of Aerial Larval Mosquito Control Application

The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project will be conducting aerial applications in conjunction with Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project starting April 13, 2021 until early May between the hours of 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., as conditions permit. Applications will be conducted via low flying aircraft over specific large wetlands in the town(s) of: Easton, Raynham, and Taunton in order to reduce the number of mosquito larvae. In Raynham, the specific area is the Hockomock Swamp. The insecticide to be used will be one or more of the following: VectoBac® 12AS (EPA Reg. #73049-38), VectoLex FG (EPA Reg. #73049-20), or VectoMax CG (EPA Reg. EPA Reg. #73049-429). For further information, contact Bristol County Mosquito Control Project at 508-823-5253 or visit the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project’s website: 




FYI: The Gardiner Street Bridge is closed.


Caution: Bogus Covid Surveys


Mass. vaccine pre-registration site











The state's 211 telephone number is also available to help you book an apppointment. Please be patient, it does take time using the phone line. Best days to call seem to be on Fridays and Mondays or Tuesdays; Thursdays is not a good day to try to get through! Raynham resident said she called on Friday, and after a wait on line, someone did take her information and she was called back on Monday and scheduled for an appointment at Gillette for the vaccine.

The Raynham Senior Center is continuing to help residents book appointments; call 508-824-2740 for assistance.

updated information released by Massachusetts including newly eligible, phone numbers for assistance, appointment booking information, etc



now booking at County Street, Taunton location and on Route 106 in West Bridgewater

also in Brockton, Fairhaven, Fall River


Comparing vaccines: J&J, Pfizer and Moderna


Check out this site also for vaccinations:



Vaccines at Gillette

Please check the link below for signing up.



Getting the shot at Gillette:

A personal account

By Laurie Koss, COA SHINE counselor/Outreach

On Tuesday, February 2, I took my 75+ father to his vaccination appointment at Gillette, and I have to tell you, the experience was easy and fast.

 The vaccination process at Gillette is a well-oiled machine. (Kudos/A+.)

  The day before the appointment, I received an instruction email, telling me if we are arriving from the south, 495, to enter Gillette at P8.  Your goal is to park in lot 22 (behind the Express store sign/6 String Restaurant). Lot 22 faces the Putnam building which is where you’re going. 

Two large digital screens on the Putnam building tell you to remain in your vehicle until 10 minutes before your appointment. The screen displays look like this:  ENTER NOW FOR 3:18 APPOINTMENT (for example).  You ENTER the right side. (You will be exiting on the left.) 

There are many parked wheelchairs for your use, should you need one, and many, many helpful staff waving you through, with good signage everywhere & arrows on the floor.

 No lines formed, because we were constantly moving, and no one was waiting outside.

  Check in was where we showed his email confirmation (we showed the original confirmation that had the date & time). At this check in, my father was asked to sanitize his hands & put on a clean paper mask (provided).

 Now, it’s either up the escalator or take the elevator up. At the top, plenty of staff waving you through. ( He did show a photo ID, but I forget if it was at check in or once upstairs.) Then we saw a standing sign “Remove your coat”. 

Another person waved us ahead & immediately sent my father to an available injection station.  She asked him the same questions which are on the pre-registration (have you had another vaccination within 14 days, are you taking a blood thinner, etc).  He got his shot, and was given a  wallet-size card with date & brand of vaccine; then he got up & followed signs to a socially distanced short line to a podium for the 15 minute (low risk) or 30 minute (high risk) wait card. His “free to go” time was written on it.

 Along the way, you will see a few widgets that you can scan with the camera of your smartphone. This is a shortcut to the site to book your 2nd vaccine. You can accomplish this while sitting your 15 minutes. 

You have to enter everything, as you did when registering for your first shot.  EVERYTHING including your Medicare # again.

  It will eventually take you to the appropriately-spaced return date. Then you scroll for an available time slot. Choose it. You will get an email confirmation. 

Now you’re 15 minutes is up & you can go. Follow arrows towards exit. Take escalator down or elevator down. Helpful staff are plentiful & all very friendly. 

All told, it took my dad and me 25 minutes from entering to getting  back to my vehicle!





Administering the vaccine and getting people vaccinated will take time, perhaps weeks, and this process will certainly continue into the spring and summer. Please be patient.

  • More sites will be opening for vaccinations, including CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, in addition to the already open mass sites at Gillette, Fenway and Bristol Community College.

The availability of vaccinations is based on how many are being sent to the state. Please don't be stressed if you can't get an appointment for a vaccination for a few weeks. You will get a vaccination, but it may take more time than any of us would like.

Please call us at 508-824-2740 if you need help with making an appointment online and we will help you sign up for an appointment. We are monitoring vaccine availability daily. We will be able to make appointments at more sites as they become available.






This will show you the current available sites for the COVID vaccine; scroll down to see them. More will be added soon. Please have your Medicare card ready when you fill this out, and remember, you need to return to the same site for the second shot. This is the best site we've found to date for searching for vaccination sites. We will also keep this page updated with other information and other sites we find.






The Center is closed to the public until further notice. We are still doing SHINE and outreach, fuel assistance and referrals remotely, over the phone and via email. Please call 508-824-2740 for information or referrals.

Our exterior lobby has a large collection of free puzzles to take, and a smaller library of free books.

Our webpage is updated regularly, as is our Facebook page. We will also be posting notices on the front door of the Senior Center.

The newsletter will be mailed out (if you want it to be mailed to you, please call us at 508-824-2740 to be put on the mailing list.

The newsletter is also available in the senior center's puzzle lobby.












2021 Fuel Season Self Help Fuel Assistance





File of Life Forms updated 

fill out form and keep it with the emergency information you have at home




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Elizabeth Moura Director emoura@town.raynham.ma.us
Laurie Koss SHINE Counselor/Outreach Worker lkoss@town.raynham.ma.us